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It’s Swell, Bro: Splash Proof Drone Perfect for Fishing

Swellpro Splash Drone V3

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It’s Swell, Bro: Splash Proof Drone Perfect for Fishing

It’s Swell, Bro: Splash Proof Drone Perfect for Fishing

Flying drones near water is fun! We’ve all heard of drone fishing, and as any drone photographer can tell you, some of the best shots you can get are over water. But get too close to the action and you risk damaging, or worse, completely ruining your drone.

Swellpro have got you covered though, with their Splash Drone V3, a waterproof drone that allows you to operate in all weather conditions.

Thanks to the modular design it can be used for aerial photography, research, fishing and many other applications. The Splash Drone uses four 620kv brushless motors that provide a good balance between power and efficiency. The shell is made of 3mm reinforced ABS to guarantee a perfect water seal. The advanced design makes it submersible for long periods of time.

All external parts are made of high quality stainless steel and the motors are specially coated to ensure maximum salt water corrosion resistance. The S3 flight system has been optimized to provide a safe and reliable flight. Upgraded software and reprogramming constantly monitors system errors and provides backup to maintain flight safety and stability.

It’s dual mode GPS uses up to 24 satellites and GNSS for greater accuracy. Its better shielding allows greater precision than before, in many environments and activities – including fishing. Swellpro say it is resist to a wide range of less than ideal conditions such a moisture, ice, rain, powders and sand, and temperatures from -20 to 55 degrees Celcius. It’s sturdy and shock resistant too, being able to survive falls from up to 1.2 metres, as well as protected with a rust-resistant coating.

As more power and versatility requires more control, the remote control offers simple controls to maximize ease-of-use and efficiency and a high-quality 5″ FPV integrated screen, so you can view live video and OSD data without any additional equipment.

The radio control is equipped with an elegant and ergonomic design, like a gamepad that fits perfectly in your hands. It is simplified compared to its predecessors by removing unnecessary buttons and switches. The controller provides an agile and precise control of the Splash drone. It also provides a direct and complete control of the camera.

The 5″ FPV LCD monitor is integrated into the remote control eliminating the need for a smartphone, and the monitor displays live video from camera flight data and OSD (On Screen Display), such as distance, altitude and battery voltage. Selection from a wide range of 40 channels eliminates the effects of noise, so the pilot is always aware of the status of the drone and pick the best time to shoot.

Then, there is the Smart Ground Station Splash Drone 3, which drastically reduce the pilot’s manual entry, making the Splash easy to drive. By connecting a cell phone to the ground station, the Splash drone 3 auto control changes from joystick, to a touchscreen using the Swellpro app. This allows for different intelligent flight modes, such as ‘Follow me’, which allows the Drone Splash follow you, rotating the camera and recording all your activity.

It also features mission planning, guiding the Drone Splash along a specified route through several waypoints you have preselected using the app. The ‘Tap to fly’ Touch features allows the pilot to touch a position on the map, navigating the drone to the destination, where it will hover and await further commands from the pilot.


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