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Can They Compare? Yuneec Mantis Q Up Against The DJI Mavic Air



Can They Compare? Yuneec Mantis Q Up Against The DJI Mavic Air

Can They Compare? Yuneec Mantis Q Up Against The DJI Mavic Air

In August 2018 Yuneec attacked with the Mantis Q the main competitor DJI. The Mantis Q is positioned as a typical ultra-compact 4K travel drone.

Both drones have 4K video quality, long flight time, compact packing mass and weigh less than 500 grams.

The Yuneec Mantis Q integrates voice control and facial recognition technology with a 4K high definition camera inside a folding drone, becoming your personal photographer. This drone has enough intelligent ability to recognize smiles, movements and words, and is designed primarily for those who like adventure or outdoor activities.

The DJI Mavic Air on the other hand is compact enough to take anywhere, folding down to fit even in your pocket. The versatile Mavic Air is the only drone of its size to carry a 3-axis gimbal, and along with 120fps video recording and 12MP photos – as well as a neat panorama mode – it’s also aimed at those who want to get the best out of the great outdoors, and take some of it home inthe form of aerial photography.

But which of the two drones is the better choice?

Technical Specifications

Mantis Q

Yuneec Mantis Q


Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air


Max. Flight Time33 Min21 Min
Range FPV800mCE: 2000m (2.4Ghz) / 500m (5.8Ghz)
Release Date20.08.201823.01.2018
Control Range800mCE: 2000m (2.4Ghz) / 500m (5.8Ghz)
Video Quality4k (1080p with 3-axis-gimbal)3840x2160p, 24/25/30p (4K Ultra HD)
Photo Quality13 MP12 MP
Battery Performance11.4V / 2800mAh11,55V / 2375 mAh
Size250 x 187 x 58 mm / 168 x 96 x 58 mm (folded)168x184x64 mm / 168x83x49 mm (folded)
Max. Speed72 km/h68.4 km/h
Manufacturer LinkYuneecDJI
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