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A Window Cleaning Drone

Window washing drone

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A Window Cleaning Drone

In the latest drone news, we have a huge new drone that was developed in Latvia – with the main aim of cleaning buildings and windows even 20 times faster. There are multiple applications for this new drone, and some of the best features about it including the potential use in firefighting – even 100 kilometers away from the danger zones.

Weighing 55 kilograms (121 lbss), the drone is 3 meters wide and has been developed to focus on the tasks that are performed from outside the building, maintaining an optimal height and reaching higher than the fire engine ladders to put of the fire in tall buildings.

Drones Cut Costs, Eliminate Danger and Ramp up Efficiency

Aside from a new invention, this is a solid proof that drones are edging more and more in today’s workplace. They are also preventing danger and transforming the way jobs are done while enabling companies to cut costs, improve safety and ramp up their efficiency at the same time.

Manufactured by the Latvia-based company named Aerones, this drone aims at replacing the human-operated cradles that we all see dangling on the side of huge towers and skyscrapers. Packing 12 rotors, the machine is full of hoses and sponges – as well as on-board cameras that allow the ground-based pilot to control and monitor the washing process.

The power in this drone comes via a cable that runs between it and a battery on the ground. The current design allows the drone to reach heights of 350 meters, even though Aerones said that this can increase with further development.

For all of you who are wondering about any catastrophic malfunctions and unwanted scenarios, you should know that the drone has a system that prevents it from tumbling onto anyone’s head – and it is secured to the top of the building with safety cables.

The manufacturer even released a video that shows the drone in action. Even though the video is just a teaser on its work, it is virtually impossible to tell the effectiveness of the cleaning action – which is obviously the part where Aerones should excel at.

Potential Applications of the Aerones Drone

What caught the attention of many is the fact that this drone can be used in numerous applications. So far, the drone concept has found to be exceptionally well for firefighters because of its development which can draw both water and power directly from the ground.

Aside from this, a third application was also introduced, making the Aerones drone capable of inspecting and cleaning giant wind turbines. The only drawback right now is the lack of legislation for 5G networks. Aerones, however, is confident that its drones will be operational in the near future.

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