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Drones will become the most disruptive technology in human history. By the year 2030, there will be 1 billion drones in the world doing things people cannot yet imagine, predicts American futurist Thomas Frey.

As drones evolve and become more commonplace and commoditized, they will follow a predictable path to commercialization. One that we’ve seen many emerging technologies follow. Drones already deliver goods, monitor the environment from above, look out for dangerous man-eating sharks, deliver medicine and humanitarian aid.

As the amazing potential of these vehicles grow and they soar through the skies, infrastructure and innovation will continue to progress. Advanced technologies such as AI, AR and IoT will integrate these devices which are on 'the edge' into the cloud and managed airspace. Driverless cars and autonomous air taxis are moving closer to reality day by day. We cover all topics related to these exciting new technologies.

Every day here at, we provide an intelligent, and authoritative filter for the overwhelming flood of information about all drone and UAV-related technology. - Keeping your ear to the ground and your eyes on the skies !

Our Team

Phil has over twenty years of experience in the surveying industry prior to moving into online media. Seeing drones being applied in industry got Phil hooked, and in his free time he’s a fanatic photographer and drone pilot. Phil's ambition is to see as much of the planet, with drone in tow.

Vidi, our content writer and editor, is passionate about the latest developments in science and technology (IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence). Vidi also writes and designs curriculum modules for social sciences at schools. Trained in spoken English and communication skills, she's an avid blogger/ storyteller in her spare time.

Sarah comes to Drone Below with 15 years experience in freelance writing for technology and science, and a background in content marketing. She's switched on by new tech and when not trying out new moves with her drone, can be found hiking her way around Australia's national parks.

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