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Drone Below is the premier drone site for drone industry news, interviews, aerial photography, footage and well, anything else a droner can think of!

We accept submissions of press releases from drone industry researchers, manufacturers, drone suppliers, drone photographers, drone film makers and event organisers.

Global Audience

We reach a global audience including the USA, the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Canada, SE Asia, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and as far afield as Iceland.

Audience Interests

Our audience is interested in UAV/UAS technology and innovation, drone industry insights and interviews, drone research and development, new product launches, aerial photography interviews, aerial cinematography and drone-related events and expos. They are shoppers, business professionals, news junkies, travel buffs, technophiles, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Press Release Submission Guidelines

When submitting your press release, make sure to include the following:

  • Logo, if appropriate
  • Contact Information
  • Release Date
  • Headline
  • Sub-headline
  • Location and Date, e.g. REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – December 25 2017
  • Your press release content
  • A selection of high quality images in JPG format, minimum 1000px wide
  • Links to any relevant website pages

Please send your press release to [email protected] – and consider adding us to your media list.

We do receive a large number of submissions, and we will endeavour to respond to you in a timely manner but remember this is not always possible. The quality and depth of information provided will ensure a greater chance of publication. While we make every effort to publish your content, we cannot guarantee that your article will be published on the website.

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