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    Nokia Innovation Assists Emergency Teams

    By March 15, 2017

    For decades, disaster rescue operations have relied on low-bandwidth mobile technology to communicate in emergency situations. With fast response times imperative to any search and rescue mission, advanced drone technology solutions can...

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    New Toy Drone Tech Set to Disrupt

    By March 13, 2017

    2017 looks to be the big year that drones will top your child’s Christmas list. And for those parents on the lookout for tech toys with an edge, this is going to...

  • Frankie and Peru Flying Labs Frankie and Peru Flying Labs

    Drone Delivery

    WeRobotics Deliver to the Amazon

    By February 20, 2017

    Drones today have a multitude of applications in markets ranging from exploration geophysics to international security. But robotics solutions company WeRobotics have used their drone skills for good: using cargo drones to...

  • Dawn drone in Africa Dawn drone in Africa


    Kenya to Allow Commercial Drone Use

    By February 15, 2017

    Kenya is soon to allow the flying of drones for commercial use, an action that appears contrary to other African countries. Ghana penalises unregistered drone use with up to 30 years in...

  • Mavic Pro arm with Propeller Guard Mavic Pro arm with Propeller Guard


    New Gadgets for DJI’s Mavic Pro Drone

    By February 9, 2017

    DJI has introduced an array of new accessories for the Mavic Pro drone. Two new products are designed to shield the Mavic Pro’s propellers, providing an extra measure of safety and protection during...

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