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New DJI Video Showcases Cinematic Potential of Inspire 2



New DJI Video Showcases Cinematic Potential of Inspire 2

New DJI Video Showcases Cinematic Potential of Inspire 2


If you want to shoot stunning photos and video from above, it’s hard to look past DJI’s Inspire 2 droneThe Inspire 2 is the perfect ready-to-fly professional drone for ambitious filmmakers. DJI’s  new short film demonstrates the power and reliability of the Inspire 2 with dynamic chase scenes shot entirely in sub-zero conditions.

Self-heating batteries and a powerful propulsion system enable the Inspire 2 to perform flawlessly, even in the extreme cold.  The Inspire 2 flies at up to 58mph (94kph) descends at 9m/s andclimbs at 6m/s. It can accelerate from 0 to 50mph (80kph) in just 5 seconds and flies at a max attitude angle of 40°. The two controller sticks are tuned for more sensitivity, making delicate maneuvers easier.

culture. This despite the numerous challenges the team met when travelling to their subject in the remote Chilean steppes.

Requiring three days travel by horseback from the nearest city to reach their subject, both size and weight of their gear was highly restricted. Yet, the resulting short film could contain no compromises. How did they do it? We sat down with Brent to hear about his inspiration for this story and how the DJI OsmoRonin and Inspire 1 Pro enabled Foster Visuals to capture their vision without compromise.

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