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Moment Drone, Foldable 4K Drone Suits the Pocket

Moment Drone: The Best Foldable 4K Aerial Camera


Moment Drone, Foldable 4K Drone Suits the Pocket

From a Chinese company Moment comes the latest foldable 4K aerial camera drone. This was the result of a crowd funding project that came up in the Indiegogo. This new drone is packed with several features while being affordable and cost effective.

One of the best features of this new launch Simtoo Moment Drone is its capacities that come at a much lower price.

Some of the major features of this drone include;

  • 4k video shooting – It allows for 4K Ulta-HD 25 fps video shooting and 12 megapixel still shots
  • Pictures can be taken in more than one mode including continuous capture, delay capture, sweep panorama etc.
  • Auto-tracking – It can track faces and bodies using visual detection technology. Once set in this mode the drone can follow the subject while still flying and keep taking images and videos that are steady and blur free.
  • Stable blur free images and footage – There is a built in electronic stabilizer that can withstand the flying motion, air turbulence and also reduce the rolling shutter effect
  • Supports both Android and IOS
  • There is an ultrasonic sensor under the body of the drone that can help it detect surfaces or nearby objects and SLAM 3D technology which helps the drone make a 3D map of its surroundings
  • Completely encased rotors which means that these are not at risk of breaking during flying accidents
  • Foldable design and compact body. The whole drone weighs around 400 grams and can fold up like a book. The size and the foldable feature make it possible to launch the drone with bare hands. The blades are covered and so there is no risk of injuries. It can also be safely flown indoors and by persons of all ages. It comes in several colors too.
  • There are three different flight modes of this drone – Low, Medium and High sensitivity mode. The tri-blades are 4 inch in size and the consumer UAV speed of up to 11 mph (18 kph) can be achieved continuously for up to 15 minutes. When its battery starts to lose juice, it can fly back to the user with a built in “return to home” feature.

It is a great drone for new and casual users who can use it safely for photography and capturing great quality UHD videos. It is available via the Indiegogo page for now at $200 and is expected to ship this month.


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