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Move Over DJI Next-Gen LILY Drone Packs a Powerful Punch

Lily Next-Gen™ Camera, Drone. Reinvented


Move Over DJI Next-Gen LILY Drone Packs a Powerful Punch

Move Over DJI Next-Gen LILY Drone Packs a Powerful Punch


Mota Group’s LILY® division has launched a fresh Lily Drone. Mota acquired the assets of Lily Robotics this year and announced a launch of Lily Next-Gen™ Drone and the Lily Rewards Program.

Mota Group President Michael Faro said that the Lily Robotics’ vision was a “simple selfie drone” for active people. He said that the people were ready to accept a user friendly and easy to use camera drone.

Lily Next-Gen™ Camera, Drone. Reinvented

Lily Next-Gen™ Camera, Drone. 

This new drone is the usual Lily plus more. Some of the additional features that make it attractive include –

  • Up to 18 minutes of flight time and can be flown up to 3,280 feet from its take-off point
  • Lily Next-Gen records video in 4K ultra HD or 1080p via a Sony IMX 214 camera with one or more extra battery support. It has image stabilization software and a 13 MP camera for clearer blur free pictures and smooth video coverage
  • Several one touch operations including media sharing and control of the flights
  • The drone has an object tracking software that can follow the user for selfies and also another person for pictures.
  • The drone can make continuous 360⁰ orbits around single point as desired
  • Can be flown indoors safely because of its advanced optic flow and ultrasonic positioning system that helps it to avoid obstacles
  • It has a “return home” feature that helps it to return to its take off point to help keep it safe.
  • The Next-Gen has a nifty handy shape with a foldable width of a smart phone that makes it an easy travel partner. On folding up it measures 8 inches in length, 3 inches in width and 2 inches in height. Its weight is 14.6 ounces.

One of the limitations of the Next-Gen is that it does not have the IP67 waterproofing and throw to fly features.

Lily Next-Gen would be available for sale via major sellers worldwide come November. It would be sold in two different configurations – Lily Next-Gen Pro and Lily Next-Gen Full Bundle. The Lily Next-Gen Pro has two batteries (one spare) and a set of four extra propellers. It has a charger and a padded carry case for all the accessories and the main drone. It carries a one-year product replacement limited warranty (if the product is returned to the manufacturer) and is priced at $699.00. The Lily Next-Gen Full Bundle has all of the Pro model plus two spare batteries, a smartphone/tablet-mountable controller. Additionally it has a one-year flyaway replacement limited warranty if the drone is lost. This of course is one replacement drone per customer. This Full Bundle model is priced at $899.00.

In addition original Lily Robotics customers are being offered up to  1,000,000 shares of common stock, with no payment required other than the product order. This is part of their Reward Program. Terms a conditions of this reward program apply.

Lily Robotics customers could check out the for the details of the program.

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