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A Drone to Recharge Your Electric Car !


A Drone to Recharge Your Electric Car !

A Drone to Recharge Your Electric Car !

One day in the near future, you might be able to call upon a drone to recharge your electric car. American electronic commerce and cloud computing company Amazon thinks drone-EV recharging is possible, and it’s been working on this technology it for a while. Finally this month, it was awarded a patent for such technology.

Amazon imagined the ingenious idea of using drones to top up EVs on the move three years ago, which has now been validated by a patent award this month (‘Systems, devices and methods delivering energy using an uncrewed autonomous vehicle’).

The concept being, a server would automatically request a top-off and the system would dispatch a drone that would determine the specific EV anywhere and at any time.

The refueling drone attaches to the EV while on the move, via a docking mechanism or clamps, and juices up the battery to extend its autonomy until it reaches the next charging station for a full refill.

As per a patent application from last July, Amazon has even entertained the idea of using drones to scan homes of customers to sell them more products and services based on the data collected.

Amazon also envisages the use drones for parachute delivery of packages, another patent filing reveals. Amazon imagines its future fleets of delivery drones as ‘busy bees’ buzzing back and forth to and from the hive. To optimize all the ins and outs of its drones, Amazon has filed a patent for a tall building resembling a beehive.


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