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SureFly Octocopter and HorseFly Drone Announced by Workhorse Group


SureFly Octocopter and HorseFly Drone Announced by Workhorse Group

SureFly Octocopter and HorseFly Drone Announced by Workhorse Group


Workhorse Group Inc. has announced it will showcase new technology at 2018 CES in Las Vegas January 9-12. The SureFly™ Octocopter, is touted as the world’s first private electric octocopter.

“CES Is the Best technology venue for us to showcase our three new technologies firsts,” said Steve Burns, Workhorse CEO. “We’re very excited to show them our SureFly, our low delivery-platform electric N-Gen van, and our W-15 electric pickup!”

SureFly engineers have re-invented the helicopter. The SureFly aircraft is intended to be safer and more secure than a normal helicopter. Its simple layout comprises four propeller arms, two fixed propellers on each arm, a battery pack to drive the motors in a ballistic parachute that securely brings down the craft if necessary and the event of motor failure. The SureFly is now procuring flight approval.

SureFly design leverages Workhorse’s Platform battery packing, management systems and controls used in its now commercialized medium-duty electric vehicles. It features an aircraft gas combustion engine generating power and a battery package offering a redundant backup power source. This distinctive power system design eliminates the need for battery charging intervals between flights. Pilots who have seen the SureFly such as the design is piloted by joystick to flying a drone in a similar manner. The SureFly is predicted to be effective at carrying passenger and pilot or cargo up to 70 miles. Following a refill, SureFly is ready for the next jump.

Versions will probably be pilot-operated. Markets to the SureFly are the military, crisis responders, commuters along with precision agriculture. The anticipated price of the SureFly is approximately $200,000, and Workhorse is accepting pre-orders for its aircraft.

Workhorse will also be unveiling its low-delivery platform promising state-of-the-art package shipping, delivery van. The N-Gen low-delivery platform delivery van is scheduled to begin package deliveries for a large company over the next two months.

As an alternative, the N-Gen features an incorporated HorseFly™ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Delivery Method. The carbon-fiber, high-efficiency octocopter drone launches in the roof of the delivery van that is N-Gen and delivers a package.

The patent-pending truck and drone HorseFly program is compliant with all current FAA regulations, and can take a bundle weighing around ten pounds using an energy cost of about $.03 per mile to get power.

Workhorse will be embracing The W-15 at CES. The W-15 is thought to be the first electric plug pickup truck made in America by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and has been designed to reflect features and advantages fleets are searching for in a work truck. Panasonic 18650 Li-on batteries provide an selection. An on-board gasoline generator will then expand the range, if needed.


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