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Ronak Israni, Mavic Drone Pilot Captures Sydney Coast Aerials

Ronak Israni - Sydney Cruise

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Aerial photography is a niche skillset that requires a combination of UAV piloting skills, a creative photographic eye and technical editing ability. All DroneBelow High Flyers are selected on the basis of their professionalism, talent and creativity. We invite these drone photographers to interview with us to find out more about what flies their kite.

Ronak Israni, Mavic Drone Pilot Captures Sydney Coast Aerials


Thanks for interviewing with us, Ronak. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I’m 27 years old from Sydney, Australia. I’m actually  an IT professional during the week and I’m a drone photographer on the weekends!

How long have you been a drone photographer? How did you get into drone photography?

I’ve been a drone photographer for the past 3 months now and it’s incredible. I started off with photography from my iPhone and always wanted to capture from a higher perspective like rooftops or cliffs or airplanes. With the advancement of drone technology I had the opportunity to capture the shots I imagined in my mind.

We love your captures of Sydney’s coastlines and boating scenes. What draws you to capture these kinds of scenes from the air?

Sydney has such a diverse landscape which is magical. I’m glad to be living in Sydney to capture these beautiful coastlines and harbours. Capturing these from the air gives a completely different perspective to see things from a bird’s eye view which is stunning and breathtaking.

What conditions do you look for when on a photography mission?

I generally shoot during sunrises or sunsets. Those are the best times according to me to fly. I also ensure about the wind velocity although my drone does handle wind pretty well. But it always good to be safe than sorry. The weather sometimes can be a challenge when flying a drone.

Please talk us through some of your most successful drone images – what made them work? (it’d be great if you’d attach these also so we can include them as part of your story)

My personal favourite image so far has been the cruise that I captured in the ocean (see main image above). Just looking at it from that perspective was really captivating and satisfying at the same time. The shot was challenging as it required me to fly and navigate the drone and also capture the shots all at once as the cruise was moving incredibly fast.

Do you have any more bucket list locations you’d like to photograph, and why? Any plans to travel?

Oh yes so many more! Australia has the desert, the beaches and snow and I’ve only covered few beaches. There is still a lot more to explore in Australia. I’d really want to capture the Snowy Mountains during winter next year. Apart from Australia I also have plans to travel and explore New Zealand.

What other aerial photographers are you inspired by? Why?

Gabriel Scanu. I’m stunned and amazed by his exceptional drone photography. He not only captures the beautiful landscapes and gorgeous places, but the way in which he also edits his photos make them so refreshing and mesmerizing.

What do you fly and what do you love about it?

I fly the DJI Mavic Pro. I love the compact  size and flexibility of the drone.  Although being small and portable, it is a really powerful drone that can capture some amazing visuals including 4k videos. It is very easy to fly and navigate which is also perfect for beginners.

What drone would you like to fly next?

DJI Inspire 2. That’s the dream drone to fly.

How do you see the drone technology expanding or changing in the next 5 years?

I believe it’s evolving at a really rapid scale. Drones are getting smaller, faster and much better with increased flight times and camera quality. Not just for photography but now drones are being used commercially as well which was never imagined few years ago.

Where can readers find out more about what you do?

You can follow me on my Instagram account @ronakisrani for more drone photography.

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