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Sagetech Transponders Ensure Safe Civil Airspace with PAE ISR Unmanned Systems

Sagetech Transponder Civil Airspace Safety UAS


Sagetech Transponders Ensure Safe Civil Airspace with PAE ISR Unmanned Systems


Sagetech Corporation has proven beyond doubt that small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) can safely fly in controlled airspace using the same technology that has helped maintain flight safety for decades.

Proving the point A PAE ISR Resolute Eagle UAS, equipped with a Sagetech XPC-TR-50 Mode C transponder, successfully completed a mission in civil airspace on November 8, 2017. The flight took place at the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range located at Pendleton Airport in Oregon while operating under an FAA Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA).

Resolute Eagle is a fixed wing tactical UAS that offers advanced performance for use in civil or military airspace. It comprises an expeditionary platform capable of integrating several market requirements like functioning on Multiple Configurations, being Industry Standard Command/Control Multi-INT Platforms compliant and being runway independent too.

Sagetech’s military-certified XP transponder allows the Resolute Eagle unmanned airplane to operate safely while sharing airspace with manned aircraft.

“Sagetech is delighted that PAE ISR selected our transponder to demonstrate commercial capability of the Resolute Eagle UAS in civil airspace,” says Kelvin Scribner, Sagetech’s chief executive officer. “Sagetech’s technology has been a key enabler of small UAS military operations for over 15 years and PAE ISR’s flight from the Pendleton, OR airport marks another step as our products transition from military to civil use.” It is anticipated that UAS operations are likely to increase sharply in civil airspace in the coming decade. This event signifies PAE ISR’s ability to offer a dynamic platform to a broader customer set; successfully fulfilling U.S. commercial and civilian requirements in addition to U.S. military missions.

Aviation transponders constitute a key component of the system which is used by air traffic controllers to maintain safe separation between aircraft.  Moreover, small UAS are not detectable passively by ATC radars because of their small size.  Sagetech’s transponders allow even these naturally stealthy aircraft to integrate seamlessly with existing ATC radar systems.

The XP family of transponders is the world’s smallest sized and lightest weighing, lowest power consuming device that can be integrated with multiple configurations owing to its integrated altitude encoder. It is designed to meet the FAA TSO standards.


PAE ISR LLC is a joint venture of PAE, American Operations Corporation (AOC), and Battlespace Flight Services, LLC (BFS) providing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions and services to U.S. government agencies, NATO, and other international organizations.  As a lead systems integrator and full-service provider for unmanned aerial systems, PAE ISR has significant experience in system integration, test and evaluation, operations and maintenance, logistics, training, deployment support, and leased UAS services.

The Sagetech Corporation

Sagetech Corporation, founded in 1998, provides miniature, certified avionics suited for use in drones as small as 10 lbs gross weight. Sagetech aviation transponders have long been used to facilitate military operations worldwide, logging over 1 million combat flight hours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This project is a unique combination of functionalities of the UAS and a transponder that will see increased efficacy in the aviation sector.


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