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Intel’s Drone Light Show at CES 2018


Intel’s Drone Light Show at CES 2018

Intel’s Drone Light Show at CES 2018


Intel has long been proud of its drone-based light shows — including airing a halftime show at the latest superbowl. Intel set a world record for flying more than 100 drones from a single computer today.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich staged the 100 Shooting Star mini drone light show at his opening keynote speech at CES 2018, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week. The innovation here being not just the drones’ tiny size but them being totally safe to fly indoors also; right above the heads of the audience.  It was an impressive light show that let the audience get the full effect of these little drones flying in 3D space.  The brand had debuted at the halftime show at the last Superbowl with its drone-based light shows, seems to have now added a lot more to the latest device.

The drones put on the aerial show at a theater in the Monte Carlo hotel. The new Intel Indoor Location System powers the Intel Shooting Star Mini drones, which can navigate indoors without GPS navigation technology to create cool light shows. The drones can create more than 4 billion color combinations and dazzling visual effects. Lighting up the skies just like fire flies but virtual ones This CES 2018 saw Intel introduce a new version of drones called ‘Shooting Star Mini’. This mini drone is the counterpart to the Intel Shooting Star drone that has been illuminating the night skies around the world at music festivals like Coachella, marquee sporting events, celebrations across Asia, and more.

Want to buy one? Sorry, you can’t just simply buy one. Brian Krzanich, the CEO of Intel said, “This is not the type of drone you can buy in the store.”  You’ll have to buy numerous pieces to make sense out of it when they are lit up in the sky. Even though these little drones seem like in-house drone toys, that company has made them aiming at using these for light shows. The user can pre-program a routine into the system and then set a swarm of them out into the air rather than control each individually. The Shooting Star Mini drones then go out and follow the choreography. A single pilot can fly up to 100 of them at once.

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