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Meet UVify’s OOri, The World’s Fastest Micro Drone

UVify OOri - fastest microdrone


Meet UVify’s OOri, The World’s Fastest Micro Drone

Meet UVify’s OOri, The World’s Fastest Micro Drone


CES 2018 is proving a boon for the drone industry, as it wraps up this year’s show with a 50 strong company exhibition list for the drone market alone. And although their offering is small, San Francisco-based drone company UVify have attracted big attention with their speedy micro drone known as OOri. Currently hailed as the world's fastest microdrone , it’s the follow up to UVify’s previous model the Draco racing quad, which was awarded “Best Drone” at CES 2017 by Engadget.

So how fast can it fly? The speedo has measured at over 80km/hr or 50 miles per hour, although with much smaller dimensions than a regular racing drone, it’s not likely to be a contender in any full-fledged drone racing competitions. Nevertheless it is feature packed and ideal for perfecting your aerial tricks at high speed, indoors or out.

A camera on the front will stream live video to your remote or compatible video goggles, which means you can fly it from the cockpit’s point of view. OOri also featured lights to provide feedback on a range of system requirements such as battery life or flying mode. You can even change the colours of the lights to your liking, giving the OOri some personalisation appeal and standing out from the usual minimal design of microdrones.

An extra benefit with the OOri is its ability to hover in place until you are ready to move. “You can learn on it in position hold mode, and then kind of work your way up to being a really good pilot,” said UVify team member Andrew Meyer.

 A full list of features includes:

  • Lock-on, Pop-off Prop Protector – Lock on to protect your propellors, and pop off to increase power and agility. The Prop Protector saves damaged props when practising new moves and are easy to remove when you are ready to show off your skills.
  • Palm Pilot – Fitting in the palm of your hand, the OOri can fly circles around your friends, with an agility rarely seen in a micro drone.
  • Hold Position – Equipped with a powerful height-fixed system, you can hover OOri accurately, allowing it stabilized vision and you the opportunity to better seize your moment to twist, turn and dodge.
  • Ready to Fly – OOri comes bundled with a controller and a screen, meaning you can take it out of the box and take flight within minutes.
  • USB Support – Charging the OOri battery is simple using micro USB cable.
  • 5.8GHZ Receiver – The OOri transmitter is equipped with 5.8 Ghz analog receiver ready to go.
  • Thumb Stick Control – Just like regular game gear, any gamer will be right at home with the OOri controls.





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