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Dedrone Security Tech Will Find Who is Flying Your Stalker Drone

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Dedrone Security Tech Will Find Who is Flying Your Stalker Drone

Dedrone's new drone security sensor can not only tell where a drone pilot is — it can track where the drone is flying and find the pilot's location | Dedrone

Dedrone Security Tech Will Find Who is Flying Your Stalker Drone


Drones can be many things, from cool photography toys to industrial surveying tools, but incidents such as the camouflaged drone seen peeking inside a New Zealand woman’s second storey window last week have people spooked.

To counteract these more sinister uses of drones, Dedrone, a industry and technology leader in airspace safety, today unveiled a new solution that could assist individuals and organisations with the ability to find perpetrators.

With the launching of their brand new radio frequency (RF) detector, the RF-300, Dedrone has established a strong position in the drone security industry. The RF-300, which can find drones as well as locate their pilots, providing a missing link in the fight to stop stalkers and other drone with malevolent motives. By pinpointing the location of a drone pilot, security personnel can inform their local authorities as to the nature and location of the incursion. The RF-300 does this by connecting to proprietary software that combines data from RF, camera and microphone sensors to provide a complete airpsace security solution.

“The ultimate protection a facility can take against drone threats is to stop the pilot before they can cause any harm, and hold them accountable for damages” said Joerg Lamprecht, CEO and co-founder of Dedrone. “Dedrone’s RF-300 provides this chance to allow law enforcement and website security leaders to track down and do it against trespassing pilots”

Dedrone recently demonstrated the RF-300 in at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in late January. “The key to effective protection against rogue drones is fast and reliable detection technology,” a spokesperson told the Canton Police of Graubünden, who headed safety for the function.

They also joined forces with local police at the forum to monitor and protect attendess at the forum from possible drone threats. A local a spokesperson with the Canton Police of Graubünden commented, “With Dedrone, we have found a completely reliable and innovative partner who complements our protective measures in the area of drone defense with their technology.”

“Dedrone’s technology provided us the location of the drone and the pilot, which is very valuable to us, and allowed us to assess the potential dangers of a drone intrusion. We were able to successfully use Dedrone’s RF-300 for this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, and were more than satisfied with the new product.”

Dedrone specializes in securing and clearing areas from drone incursion whether at a private home to a crowd-filled stadium. The brand new RF-300 is installed inside the home or facility, and may discover drones flying over radio frequency Wi-Fi as well as find non-Wi-fi drones, the company says. In addition, it records the drones’ version, producer and unique ID number. By installing two or more RF-300s, the software linked to the sensor can ascertain in which direction the drone is flying.

Dedrone RF300

Source: Dedrone

Along with introducing the Dedrone RF-300, the firm also recently launched the DroneTracker 3, the industry’s earliest airspace security solution that includes automatic outline coverage for immediate identification of drone airspace action.

DroneTracker, RF-100, when combined with new RF-300, creates a complete airspace security solution, and Dedrone says  you can depend on it. Reliable and precise, it provides a platform for detection and classification of drones. Dedrone’s RF-300 builds on the capacities of their previous model, the Dedrone RF-100. Together, both detectors give powerful airspace security. Dedrone’s RF-100 is intended to diagnose the number of drones in protected airspace, whilst RF-300 also collects forensic proof to take recourse against malicious pilots and stop them from disrupting a secure space.

RF-based management finding technology has been formerly only accessible military-grade alternatives, but with the launch of Dedrone’s RF-300, the identical technology is currently readily available to businesses and non-military organizations.

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