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It’s a Win-Win: Drone Volt and Germandrones Expand Networks

Germandrones Songbird


It’s a Win-Win: Drone Volt and Germandrones Expand Networks

Germandrones Songbird / Youtube

It’s a Win-Win: Drone Volt and Germandrones Expand Networks


DRONE VOLT, a French manufacturer of professional civilian drones, has announced it will expand its commercial network in Germany as part of a partnership with Germandrones GmbH.

Germandrones, a German drone leader supported by a powerful security specialist has established itself in Germany as a professional drone specialist, thanks to the development of a VTOL (vertical take-off drone) called Songbird.

The Songbird drone combines the advantages of multi-rotor drones and fixed-wing drones: because of its vertical starting and landing capabilities, the Songbird does not require a dedicated track and thus considerably reduces the risk of damage to the drone or at the payload. Its excellent flying properties also allow operation at relatively high wind speeds up to Force 8 (18 meters / second). Its ease of transport, its tool-free assembly, its long service life and its low operating costs make it a very interesting tool for all users who want to cover large areas or long distances.

In order to support its development, Germandrones contributed capital, in 2017, to the powerful German group CONDOR. Since 1978, the CONDOR group has been a specialist in security solutions in Germany. The company employs 950 people and has a network of 15 branches across the country. CONDOR has a wide range of services, from security at airports to sensitive sites, including logistics. CONDOR has been named one of the 3 most innovative suppliers in the world by DEUTSCHE BAHN AG.

This agreement will allow DRONE VOLT to distribute its flagship products, in particular the Hercules series coupled with the Aerialtronics Pensar dual spectrum computer vision platform, via the Germandrones sales force. The Hercules range starts with the Hercules 5, which has a maximum payload of 6kg and is ideal for construction and security applications. The larger Hercules 20 that can lift up to 15 kg on take-off and is fit for agriculture and audiovisual purposes. Both consist of a light carbonfibre frame.

 At the same time, DRONE VOLT will enrich its catalog with the Songbird developed by Germandrones, a product that is perfectly complementary to the Germandrone’s offer. The two partners are already studying how to extend their initial agreement and continue leveraging this synergistic collaboration.

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