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Fly Remote Drones in CyberFusion’s World First Drone Testing Environment

Fly Remote Drones | Cyberfusion


Fly Remote Drones in CyberFusion’s World First Drone Testing Environment

Fly Remote Drones | Cyberfusion

Fly Remote Drones in CyberFusion’s World First Drone Testing Environment


Startup company CyberFusion has gone live on Kickstarter, appealing to the public for funding assistance to develop a revolutionary new service that allows users to fly and test drones remotely.

CyberFusion says the project, which will result in a commercial remote drone test flying environment, will be a world first. Beginners to seasoned pilots will be able to take advantage of a system that will allow them to take control of best in class drones, learning, completing and exploring top notch global environments.

Regarding the inspiration driving the project, founder and CEO Mihai Ichim said, “I know complications, costs, licenses, risks and lots of time are required to prepare flights and let’s not forget about training. Even for the most passionate of explorers, filmmakers, or photographers, buying the right drone becomes a real pain.”

If successful, the project will enable drone enthusiasts and those looking to gain experience flying before becoming a registered pilot to fly a drone from home. CyberFusion say “it will take the hassle out of flying and just provides the pure, unadulterated pleasure of flight.” The platform would also allow pilots to rack up flying hours without having to apply for a license, reducing worries with regards to regulations, or crashing an expensive drones.

To begin with, CyberFusion will offer a fly test environment called ‘The Construct’, in which beginners can learn flying basics. Through classes and one-on-one mentoring, certified trainers, will also be available as piloting experience grows. For seasoned pilots, there are also options to take virtual adventures with others, transversing eye-boggling international landscapes.

Cyberfusion add that users users will also have the choice of experience the flying delights of a first-rate, world-class fleet of top end drones, gaining experience in piloting a range of brands and types of drones.

Using the online interface, users will be able to remotely fly their drone of choice, directly from a range of home computing devices including desktops, laptops, tablet, and mobile phones.

Available in its first version on PC, Android, and iOS, pilots can get started by choosing a flight package with drone, flight time, photography and videography options.

“You can fly our drones from wherever you are, at the office, in a park, on a holiday with your family and, if you want to become a certified drone pilot, our project is your perfect Remote Flying Drones School. The movie industry, industrial appliances or agriculture, they are all in need of trained drone pilots,” says Ichim. “Join our enthusiastic community! Your experience in flying drones is highly appreciated and continuously evaluated. The higher the experience level you acquire, the more access to various features, fly zones and accessories you will be granted with.”

CyberFusion is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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