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Pond5 Joins Forces With DJI to Create FAA-Compliant Drone Footage Market

Source: DJI


Pond5 Joins Forces With DJI to Create FAA-Compliant Drone Footage Market

Source: DJI

Pond5 Joins Forces With DJI to Create FAA-Compliant Drone Footage Market


Global content marketplace Pond5 is joining forces with the world’s most popular producer of civilian drones DJI, it was announced this week. Together they will form an innovative collaboration that will provide premium licensable aerial footage to consumers of stock videography.

DJI will work closely with Pond5 to select curators who will ensure the most compelling and award-worthy aerial footage shot with DJI products is made easily accessible to clients searching for studio-quality shots to use in their own productions.

Source: DJI

Source: DJI

Millions of consumers who need to make sure their video assets comply with Section 107 will be able to access the video clips, which would all be shot by licensed pilots. The marketplace will provide an invaluable opportunity for pilots, who would be in a position to leverage Pond5’s industry knowledge to recognize their most in-demand shots and obtain assistance in preparing their own footage for licensing in the Pond5 marketplace.

By applying to join this particular program, pilots operating with a Section 107 Pilots with a Section 107 certificate who use DJI drones can use to this program at, Remote Pilot Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is required for industrial use, will qualify to have their footage included in a set of collections shot exclusively with DJI drones.

By using premium clipping and tagging services, pilots will be able to save time by simply submitting raw footage, negating the need to format, edit, title, and keyword the footage themselves. Footage processed by these services would then be made available for a limited time exclusively through Pond5, ensuring unique content for clients.

Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman said that drones are becoming a popular and cost-effective tool for storytellers. “They’re able to capture rapidly unfolding events and reach locations that would be otherwise inaccessible, costly, or dangerous,” he said.

“As the world leader in their space, DJI is the ideal partner to bring the best in contemporary aerial footage to our marketplace.”

Source: DJI

Source: DJI

Backed by Accel, Pond5 is connecting creatives including producers, directors, and editors to over 60,000 filmmakers and creators in over 150 countries, and in the process making video a central focus.

Collaboration in the program is in line with DJI’s mission to ensure owners  and creators of content with DJI are doing so within local regulations. With controller software in the USA, UK and Australia now requiring pilots to answer a series of questions before being able to activate the drone, they are keen to establish their position as a leading promoter of safe drone use.

“Drone imagery creates exciting new possibilities for video creators and producers around the world, and DJI’s collaboration with Pond5’s industry-leading content marketplace helps establish a new standard for professional video that is safe, legal, and cleared for use,” said Michael Perry, Managing Director of DJI, North America. “We’re excited to elevate the presence of DJI-captured imagery in Pond5’s marketplace, and we can’t wait to see the projects that will incorporate this footage.”

DJI Pilots wishing to join the program who have a Part 107 certificate can apply for the program here.

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