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Cute Fun Modular Drone Seeks Backing on Kickstarter

Modularized Drone


Cute Fun Modular Drone Seeks Backing on Kickstarter


Ever wondered what it would be like to fly a coffee cup? Bored with traditional ‘paper planes’? Are your children over creating Lego spaceships that never take off?

One Hong Kong startup has one answer for all three of these simply mind-crushing dilemmas. They’ve launched a campaign on Kickstarter for an idea that could just take flight.

And, although this funky ‘modularised drone’ looks more like a collection of washing pegs with propellors attached, it’s actually quite a versatile design.

As the Kickstarter video shows, the universal clips can rotate freely to create all kinds of quadcopters. Simply clip it to the object of your choice and there you have it, flying whatever!

The stuff of drone dreams? As the creators say, “It is literally the toy of your childhood dreams – to make your Lego prototypes fly.”

Well, we think it would certainly make for a fun addition to the shopping list of any young person, or the young at heart.

But in the hands of children, will it stand up to the inevitable crashes bound to happen?

The designers think so: “The perfect fit of building blocks makes it more solid. It is so easy to control you will have so much fun flying it, you might find it impossible to put down! It also has an anti-drop stability feature, you won’t have to worry about it falling or breaking apart,” they say on their campaign. And if it were to crash, presumably the first thing to break apart would be the clamps off the chosen object.

And with an in-built air pressure altitude system, the design maintains excellent stability, making it suitable for entry-level pilots.

As for payloads? This tiny modular treasure packs a high definition camera and wifi so you can stream and record your adventures to your heart’s content.

It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s a design that will capture the attention of anyone with a fertile imagination.

But will it take off? So far, the Kickstarter campaign has attracted nearly twice the initial asking amount – so it’s certain to see a ‘launch’ date.

As the creators say, “It is the first DIY modularized drone that can be turned into a aircraft, ship, car! We hope the Kickstarter community sees this Modularized Drone as the portable, affordable, fun drone with all the high tech features.”

To find out more, visit the campaign on Kickstarter!

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