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Ambulance Drone Completes Emergency Casualty Evacuation Demo

Cormorant drone | Tactical Robotics


Ambulance Drone Completes Emergency Casualty Evacuation Demo

Ambulance Drone Completes Emergency Casualty Evacuation Demo


Just when you think all possible uses for drones may have been covered, another comes to light.

An Israeli company, Tactical Robotics, a subsidiary of Urban Aeronautics, has successfully completed a casualty evacuation simulation with its Cormorant drone. The test was held at Megiddo Airfield in Galilee on May 7. The device allows the transport of injured personnel, but it is also designed to ensure safe transport of materials and supplies.

The demonstration featured both cargo delivery and casualty evacuation simulations. This unique dual-role capability has gained the UAV recognition by NATO as the only such aircraft able to fulfill both cargo delivery and CasEvac missions.

Formerly known as the AirMule, the Cormorant drone is a patented VTOL (vertical take off and landing) aircraft with doors that open on either side. Using internal lift rotors, it is able to fly through difficult obstacle-strewn terrains and environments such as forests, canyons or cities.

While in flight, the transported patient communicates via a camera. Strapped to a stretcher which is fixed inside the cockpit by ground personnel, infusion bags can be hung on the interior walls of the vehicle.

Once the wounded are installed, the stretcher-bearers close the door of the drone, which then takes off, to take the victim to a medical unit. There, an operation can be supervised by a chief surgeon in connection with the ground crew.

Tactical Robotics, whose main client is the Israeli military, designed the device to meet the safety requirements of transporting people in conflict. It is also suitable for evacuations in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods, can evacuate two wounded at the same time.

With its ability to carry loads, such as food, of up to 500 kg per flight, also makes it an important ally in disaster and humanitarian response efforts.

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