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Fairy Drone Wins on Kickstarter with 600% Funding Pledged

Fairy Drone


Fairy Drone Wins on Kickstarter with 600% Funding Pledged

Fairy Drone Wins on Kickstarter with 600% Funding Pledged


One little drone has captured the imagination of backers resulting in a total pledge 600% of the original goal on Kickstarter, with two weeks still left to go before the crowdfunding campaign ends.

It’s known as the Fairy drone, and with its pocket-sized simplicity, the creators pitch it as perfect for first time pilots.

Indeed, from the campaign video, the app appears to be streamlined and intuitive. Two touchscreen directional dials allow the pilot to control the little drone through the Fairy app on their smartphone. The user can also control the drone by tilting the phone to direct the its path.

Following the lead of similar foldable drones, the Fairy is also about the size of a smartphone and able to fit in any decent sized pocket.

Source: Fairy Drone

Source: Fairy Drone

But don’t let its diminutive size fool you – the Fairy drone is packed with features that one would expect only to see on higher end professional drones.

With a 1080HD resolution 8MP camera, Sony 1/3” (CMOS), tracking features and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) positioning technology, the Fairy can hover steadily while maintaining altitude, as well as follow a subject making it perfect for newbie adventurers, explorers and content creators.

Three flight modes – smooth flying for steady videos, to normal flight, to high sensitivity for race-like flight – will allow its owner to personalise each flight to their needs.

While it only has a recording capacity of 16 minutes at a time, its small price tag means you still get a lot of bang for your buck – and its dual-band GPS and “Auto Home Return” feature ensures it will always come home.

With two weeks left until the Fairy drone campaign ends, you might want to check it out and save 33% of the MSRP of $149 by backing the Fairy on Kickstarter.


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