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Delta Drone Deploys Orion Tethered UAV as Security at Major France Air Show

Source: Elistair


Delta Drone Deploys Orion Tethered UAV as Security at Major France Air Show

Source: Elistair

Delta Drone Deploys Orion Tethered UAV as Security at Major France Air Show


An automated surveillance system developed by the tethered drone manufacturer Elistair and operated by drone service company Delta Drone has been deployed at the La Ferté-Alais air show this week.

The Orion automated surveillance system was deployed to support to the show’s organiser, the Larivière Organization, SDIS 91 and the Gendarmerie in order to to secure the large-scale event gathering that drew more than 40,000 visitors.

Delta Drone is a major player in the integration of commercial civil drone services, and their The ISS (Intelligent Security Systems) division deployed the tethered drone to ensure the safety of the major air show, popular for its displays of vintage planes.

Fully automated and with increased autonomy, the Orion was fully integrated into the security and crisis management system of the event by being positioned above the centre of the event and equipped with a stabilized day / night camera with an X30 optical zoom.

In this way, the tethered drone was able to provide coverage of an area of ​​several square kilometres by transmitting images live via the 4G network, giving the on-site security team a global view of the event at the crisis management centre.

During the event, disaster was averted when the Orion drone detected a fire near the runway. Immediate access to live images of the scene allowed firefighters to quickly extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading further.

The Orion, which is designed to support flights greater than 10 hours, is capable of covering large areas and is fully automated.

Additional missions the drone provided in order to to secure the event, included flow management of real-time parking as well as monitoring of critical areas close to the aircraft take-off runway.

Pascal Auberty, CEO of Larivière Organisation, the organizer of the air show, was impressed by the Prion drone’s contribution to the safe and secure operation of the air show.

“What a tool! What a joy to be able to work with live, immediate images. Working with the Magec (Civil Security’s operating command post), this first experience demonstrated how efficient and complementary public and private entities can be for this type of event,” he said.

Christian Viguié, Chairman and CEO of Delta Drone, said, “This operation demonstrates the expertise of the technologies developed by Delta Drone, and confirms the relevance of the Group’s strategy, which has focused heavily on the high-potential sector of surveillance and security. It also highlights the relevance of our investment in Elistair and the synergy between our two companies.”

“With remarkable advantages in terms of cost, time and efficiency, Elistair’s tethering solutions, which are currently in use in over 40 countries, represent an extremely effective and efficient solution for the optimal and secure management of large events. We are proud of the help our technology provides law enforcement and civil-security forces,” concluded Guilhem de Marliave, CEO and co-founder of Elistair.

You can learn more about Elistair’s Orion tethered drone here:

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