Spidey Tek’s advances in Real Spider Silk technology changes the material science paradigm regarding any product that requires light-weight, super-strength, increased-performance capabilities and durability. Case in point is the Spidey Bat Drone.

A creation of world-class designer and inventor Roberto Velozzi, the Spidey Bat Drone was made using Real Spider Silk in the construction of the drone fuselage. This, plus the unique design as a VTOL aircraft makes the Spidey Bat relevant and useful in many industries, law enforcement and the military. It takes off like a helicopter, then its wings rotate forward and it flies like an airplane.

“This iconic design and the addition of Real Spider Silk materials in its construction makes the Spidey Bat totally unique and proves that we can manufacture lighter and stronger load-bearing parts and components using Real Spider Silk,” stated Spidey Tek CEO Roberto Velozzi.

This iconic design and the addition of Real Spider Silk materials in its construction makes the Spidey Bat totally unique and proves that we can manufacture lighter and stronger load-bearing parts and components using Real Spider Silk.” – Roberto Velozzi, Spidey Tek CEO

The commercial use for drones is expanding at a rapid pace. Huge companies like Apple, Amazon and Federal Express are experimenting with using drones as “rapid delivery vehicles” and in rural areas around the world, drones are used to deliver life-saving medicine.

Source: Spidey Tek

Source: Spidey Tek

“We are currently working on the second generation of the Spidey Bat. This larger version will have a 10-foot and 15-foot wingspan, respectively. These versions could be controlled by a skilled pilot or be automated as the smaller drones are controlled. These larger drones could serve many industries from military, law enforcement, fire-fighting, mapping and first-response emergency services to agricultural and many, many others,” Velozzi concluded. The worldwide drone market is predicted to be over $200 billion by 2020, up from the $50 billion estimate of last year.

The spider silk meets the mechanical requirements to produce “Load Bearing Products.” Spidey Tek’s Real Spider Silk is stronger, lighter and less expensive than carbon fiber, steel or aluminum when mass produced. This will make a dramatic difference in the way everything is manufactured today, from glues to automobiles and airplanes.

The Spidey Tek Science Team has been working for decades perfecting the process of mass producing the six different types of Real Spider Silks that are found in nature. “We have the process locked in. It has taken time and serious resources, but we know how it all works and can implement the process successfully in mass production. It is just a matter of having enough spider silk-producing equipment,” said Spidey Tek Chief Science Officer Dr. Randy Lewis.

There are endless applications for spider silk, such as manufacturing of paints, coatings, resins, fiber-reinforced plastics such as polyurethanes and polycarbonates, 3-D printing materials, glues and adhesives, ropes, sports equipment, auto and truck chassis, airplane fuselages, bike frames and more. Nearly everything man-made can be improved dramatically using Real Spider Silk in the protein or fiber form. With the ability to give clear films and coatings not only the needed strength of spider silk but these coatings, adhesives and films are all natural and perfect medical uses. The list of products goes on, literally forever.

To get started bringing Real Spider Silk to the marketplace, along with the Spidey Bat, Spidey Tek is currently preparing to bring the world’s strongest glue to the public. To help get all this done, Spidey Tek has assembled a team of world-class personnel in all of the key categories of manufacture, design and production: three Ph.D.s specializing in genetics to aerospace; top executives in the manufacturing of products who served the big-three car makers for years delivering parts and components without a single complaint; to award winning designers and product developers; to marketing, business and legal.

Source: Spidey Tek