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Drone Awards Announced The Best Drone Photos of 2018

Mother and Calf


Drone Awards Announced The Best Drone Photos of 2018

Drone Awards Announced The Best Drone Photos of 2018


The growing popularity of drone photography is making competitions proliferate in this discipline. This is the case of the Drone Awards 2018, a contest that this year celebrated its first edition and is organized by Art Photo Travel, an Italian cultural association that also organizes the Siena International Photo Awards.

“With the sky as the only limit” for this contest, the organization claims to have received more than 4,400 entries from photographers from 101 different countries among which the final winners of six categories were chosen (Abstract, Nature, People, Sports, Urban and Wildlife) with the France’s Florian Ledoux who Drone Below interviewed earlier this year, as the main winner to take the title of “Photographer of the Year” with his photo ‘Above the polar bear’.

The image was taken during the summer in the icy waters of northern Canada and shows in a zenith plane a bear crossing between pieces of ice. As you can imagine, the photographer seeks to denounce the problems that climate change is bringing, one of which is the increasing scarcity of ice that directly affects the polar bears that depend on this element to hunt.

We leave you with the winning photos, enjoy!

Photographer of the Year

The winner of the contest was Florian Ledoux (France)

Photo Of The Year: Above The Polar Bear

Florian Ledoux - Above The Polar Bear

Category Abstract

Winner: Ovi D. Pop (Romania) with ‘Weather Snake’:
Weather Snake

Runner Up: Martin Mecnarowski (Czech Republic) with ‘Ice Magic’:
Ice Magic

Highly Commended: Branko Markovic (Switzerland) with ‘Dendrites’:

Highly Commended: Zhiqiang Huang (China) with ‘Whirlpool’:

Highly Commended: Stephan Fürnrohr (Germany) with ‘The Design of an Iceberg’:
Design of an Iceberg

Highly Commended: Casey McCallister (USA) with ‘Nucleus’:

Category Nature

Winner: Gabriel Scanu (Australia) with ‘Mada’in Saleh’:
Mada'in Saleh

Runner Up: Xiaoxiao Liu (China) with ‘Entrance to Hell’:
Entrance to Hell

Highly Commended: Mieke Boynton (Australia) with ‘Organic’:

Highly Commended: Peter Virag (Australia) with ‘”Red Sand Garden’:
Red Sand Garden

Highly Commended: Kirsten Täuber (Germany) with ‘Der Kratera’:

Highly Commended: Xudong Yang (China) with ‘Wetland Winter’:
Wetland Winter

Category People

Winner: Qinghua Shui (China) with ‘Pilgrimage of Millions of People’:

Runner Up: Xiaoxiao Liu (China) with ‘Honors Day’:
Honors Day

Highly Commended: Senrong Hu (China) with ‘Sportsmen Under the Sun’:
Sportsmen Under the Sun

Highly Commended: Keyvan Jafari (Iran) with ‘Women Rice Farmers’:
Women Rice Farmers

Highly Commended: Davide Lopresti (Italy) with ‘Silvia’:

Highly Commended: Raf Willems (Belgium) with ‘Chauntel in the Desert’:
Chauntel in the Desert

Sports Category

Winner: Vincent Riemersma (Holland) with ‘Skating Shadows’:
Skating Shadows

Runner Up: Luis Alonso Jimenez Silva (Costa Rica) with ‘The Angel’:
The Angel

Highly Commended: Stefan Thaler (Austria) with ‘Red Kayak’:
Red Kayak

Highly Commended: Fan Zhang (China) with ‘Saving to Start Out’:
Saving to Start Out

Highly Commended: Shihui Liu (China) with ‘Basketball’:

Highly Commended: Shoayb Khattab (Iraq) with ‘Vertical Racing’:
Vertical Racing

Urban Category

Winner: Francesco Cattuto (Italy) with ‘Assisi Over the Clouds’:
Assisi Over Clouds

Runner Up: Byron du Bois (South Africa) with ‘Warehouse Fire’:
Warehouse Fire

Runner Up: Gary Cummins (Ireland) with ‘Ameneties’:

Highly Commended: Yavor Michev (Russia) with ‘Cold Winter Night’:
Cold Winter Night

Highly Commended: Alex Visbal (Austria) with ‘Chaos’:

Highly Commended: Davide Lopresti (Italy) with ‘Cargo’:

Category Wildlife

Winner: Adam Barker (USA) with ‘Blacktip Shark’:
Blacktip Shark

Runner Up: Thomas Vijayan (Canada) with ‘Big Shadow’:
Big Shadow

Runner Up: Dhritiman Mukherjee (India) with ‘Responsible Daddy the Gharial with Babies’:
Responsible Daddy

Highly Commended: Thomas Vijayan (Canada) with ‘Great Immigration Birds Eye View’:
Great Immigration

Highly Commended: Bachir Moukarzel (Lebanon) with ‘Whale Sharks’:
Whale Sharks

Highly Commended: Anders Carlson (USA) with ‘Mother and Calf’:

Mother and Calf

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