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DroneShield Adds Counterdrone Solution to Rapid Scout Vans

ISI Rapid Scout now with DroneShield and countermeasures | ISI

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DroneShield Adds Counterdrone Solution to Rapid Scout Vans

DroneShield Adds Counterdrone Solution to Rapid Scout Vans


Developer of counterdrone technology DroneShield, has partnered with Intelligent Security Integration Australia (ISI) to create a new version of counterdrone solution Rapid Scout® HQ.

A unique combination of DroneShield’s counterdrone system with ISI’s on-vehicle and electro-optics surveillance system, the Rapid Scout® HQ a vehicle with an integrated counterdrone detect and defeat solution will become ISI’s flagship product, and will compliment DroneShield’s stable of counterdrone products.

Appreciated for its sci-fi looking anti-drone jamming gun at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, DroneShield has been picked up globally by nations and companies alike. Drone Shield’s other popular products include DroneSentinel™ (a sensor fusion, multi-method drone detection system), DroneSentry™ (a combined detection and interdiction system), DroneGun™ (a handheld rifle-shaped drone-mitigation device), RadarZeroTM (portable drone detection radar) and DroneCannonTM (a counter drone jammer).

ISI’s Rapid Scout® HQ and its associated Rapid Scout® surveillance sensors, is the most appropriate solution for circumstances where the CCTV has limited or no coverage.  The unique design features and customisation of the vehicle for use in any situation, have made it a sought after product in various defense and government agencies, emergency service providers, and law enforcement and private security organisations around the Asia Pacific region.

The prior version of Rapid Scout® HQ comprised a vehicle with an advanced surveillance capability, through a combination of a sophisticated mast-mounted CCTV platform on a vehicle. Going forward, Rapid Scout® will incorporate a counterdrone module containing DroneShield’s RadarZeroTM (portable drone detection radar), RfOneTM (drone detection via an RF direction finder) and/or DroneCannonTM (counterdrone jammer) modules into the Rapid Scout® platform. The combined outcome is touted to be a first of its kind non-military vehicle equipped with a multitude of counterdrone multi-sensor detect and defeat solutions.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO commented: “The partnership with an on-vehicle surveillance market leader ISI allows DroneShield to enter the vehicle-based law enforcement, security and military market, using a proven vehicle platform that ISI provides. There is a considerable interest in the market today for on-vehicle counterdrone products, which Rapid Scout® is well placed to meet using DroneShield’s capability.”

Stephen Bell, ISI Managing Director said: “We are excited about this partnership and believe our vehicle-based surveillance capabilities combined with DroneShield’s counterdrone sector leadership enable this market leading product to meet customer requiremements in the counterdrone space.”

The companies will exhibit Rapid Scout® HQ with counterdrone capability at the Land Forces 2018 exhibition in Adelaide in September 2018.

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