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Italy: Wind Tre Participates in “Drones for Healthcare” Remote Area Rescue Project

Source: Wind Tre


Italy: Wind Tre Participates in “Drones for Healthcare” Remote Area Rescue Project

Italy: Wind Tre Participates in “Drones for Healthcare” Remote Area Rescue Project


The technology related to the use of drones is constantly experimenting and it is not difficult to get to know daily how this is experienced and improved in order to achieve progress in everyday life.

The latest news announced at the University Campus Bio-Medico in Rome about the experimental project “Drones for Healthcare” in which Wind Tre and innovative start-up Archon are taking part, shows more movement in the field of innovation.

“Drone for Healthcare” is an Open Innovation project promoted by Open Italy, an initiative of the Elis Consortium whose goal is to become the first sales accelerator for startups, so as to encourage innovation within companies and supporting entrepreneurship youth.

Thanks to the “Drone for Healthcare” project it will be possible to use drones for rescue in case of accidents in inaccessible areas and difficult to reach by traditional means.

The drone will provide victims of accidents with rescue equipment including thermal blankets, dressing kits and, within this specific experimentation, defibrillators, which can be used to treat sudden illnesses that may cause problems in particularly inaccessible areas. Wind drones

In this context Wind Tre has a specific task, namely that of allowing Archon’s UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) drones to use the IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure and live communication on its 4G mobile network.

A solar drone developed by Archon

A solar drone developed by Archon

In this way, the operators involved in the rescue by drone can easily communicate with the victims and provide them with all the information necessary for the correct use of the transported equipment.

This way search and rescue could be indispensable on more than one occasion, favoring not only a quick and functional rescue of those who have been the victim of accidents, but also a greater safety towards work and rescuers themselves.

If this technology is developed in the best way, it will have to take into account three key factors: reliability, security and timeliness of intervention in order to increase the chances of saving those who will find themselves in difficulty.

Archon were recently selected as one of the top 100 Italian startups for their innovation in drone technology.

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