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Black Sage Offers Counter Drone Tech to Protect Large Scale Events

Source: Black Sage

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Black Sage Offers Counter Drone Tech to Protect Large Scale Events


Black SageStadiums and other open-air venues are particularly vulnerable to the growing risk posed by the proliferation of consumer drones and Black Sage is addressing this issue by offering a new service. Commercially available drones have quite literally added a new dimension to security threats not only in war zones, but also at large public gatherings here in the U.S. Operators with nefarious intentions can use them for drone-based terror attacks, unlicensed recording and transmission, or to protest and cause distractions. Even well-intentioned drone operators can cause injury and economic loss when they lose control or accidentally crash into a crowd.

By offering temporary, or one-time counter drone protection as a service, Black Sage is providing stadiums and venues a relatively low-cost solution for specific high-risk events. The Black Sage team will work directly with security personnel and local law enforcement to ensure safety and security at any event.

“Black Sage has worked with military and government customers over the past several years to protect against the threat of drones at fixed sites. We are proud to now offer our capabilities as a service that allows commercial venues to have protection without the cost associated with purchasing and maintaining permanent installations,” said Black Sage Technologies Managing Partner Ross Lamm, Ph.D.

The Black Sage counter drone system provides early detection to allow law enforcement to take action even before the drone is airborne, AI classification to reduce false alarms, operator location to assist law enforcement in apprehension, and forensic data to ensure prosecution is all provided by the service.

While this new service allows stadiums to add this extra level of security for specific, high-risk events, Black Sage still offers permanent or semi-permanent solutions for stadiums and venues seeking long-term counter drone protection. Permanent installations are easily integrated into existing security systems and include hands-on training and technical support.

Source: Black Sage

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