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Brazil: Counter Drone System To Protect People Now Available

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Brazil: Counter Drone System To Protect People Now Available


Drone ControlDrone Control, a Brazilian spin off that develops protection systems against unauthorized drones, has just commercially activated the first civilian protection system against hostile drones in the country. The technology is being operated at the Campinas (SP) unit of Brink’s security company. Unprecedented in Latin America, the system is capable of detecting, identifying and tracking unauthorized drones and pilots within a radius of up to 7 km. This allows its application in several sectors, such as the airport, for example.

“The system generates alarms and notifications via e-mail and SMS if a drone invades the security perimeter, identifying in real time its trajectory and the exact location of the pilot,” explains Eduardo Neger, director of Engineering at NEGER Telecom, technology that gave rise to spin off. “In the case of Brink’s, the goal is to ensure the protection of the company’s logistics operations, making it even safer. That is to say, drones are prevented from flying over the company’s unit to spy for criminal purposes.”

According to Neger, the great differential of this system is the graphical interface, which presents in real time on a map the location of the invader drone and the pilot. “With the pilot’s address in hand, it is possible to share the information with the authorities for the appropriate measures,” he adds. The data can be accessed remotely through software in the cloud and the occurrence history is recorded in the system. “Because there is individual identification of the intruder drone, it is possible to use the records as forensic evidence.”

According to the operations manager of Drone Control, Rogério Vale, the costs are very low, since the customer can contract the service for the exact time that demands, for a few hours, weeks or months. “In the case of the airport sector, the service is accessible not only to major airports, but also to heliports and aerodromes.”

He points out that the suspension of flights at airports because of the interference of drones has become an increasingly frequent problem in the world. “The Drone Control solution for detection, identification and tracking is the most appropriate alternative to the civilian market, bringing together all the technical and regulatory requirements to combat the threats of hostile drones,” he concludes.

Source: Drone Control

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