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Super-Sized Drone Capable of Carrying Much More


Super-Sized Drone Capable of Carrying Much More

Super-Sized Drone Capable of Carrying Much More


A drone might navigate through the air, it might maneuver itself through a town full of buildings and networks of electric cables. But the drones under usage, ever since their inception, have some serious limitations; they are small. Since they are small, they are unable to carry enough weight, generate enough thrust to climb up to skyscraper heights or simply stay in the air for a decent amount of time before they need to be recharged.

The said factors limit commercial drone applications; a drone cannot be currently used for passenger transport or for transporting patients or law enforcing agents, modern drones cannot act in emergency situations to put out fires because they simply do not have the capacity to carry enough water or foam and faucets, modern drones are not able to remove weeds because of the low power generation in their small bodies, seriously limiting their application in the agricultural department.

A drone prototype which is something you might expect from a sci-fi movie

This might, however, change with SKYF drones; a Russian drone prototype which is something you might expect from a sci-fi movie. The massive drone can carry as much as 400 kg of mass, which is roughly the mass of 7 people. Top that with its immensely powerful battery life allowing it to travel 220 miles and stay in the air for as long as 8 hours continuously in a single charge.

This drone is far bigger and far more powerful than your average conventional RC drone; and it broadens the horizons by expanding the applications of drone technology by removing some major limitations and challenges faced by convenient, small scale drones. With the SKYF drone, we might be able to carry patients in emergency situations to hospitals in very short periods of time avoiding any traffic problems, we might be able to transport heavy cargo in the vast number of cases when it is highly efficient such as moving cargo from the ground to the roof of a skyscraper, we might be able to handle terrorist situations relatively well.

With the vast applications possible with a drone this powerful, there come a number of concerns. The major concern is the corruption of usage of these drones considering that small scale damages with small scale drones will be scaled by a pretty big factor with these massive drones. The solution to that, is blockchain. SKYF is aiming to use blockchain technology with their theoretical drone network and service system that would almost guarantee trustworthiness of their system. With blockchain technology, SKYF’s drone network system will work autonomously and the chances of any deliberate corruption will be infinitesimally small.

SKYF plans on expanding their prototypes to a complete network of commercially operative drones. They currently only have three prototypes and are pitching their business with investors. SKYF has already secured partnerships with ITC, ZTO Express and several other Russian companies.

As a final word, we would say that SKYF drones just might be the breakthrough drone technology applications need. Large scale drones could revolutionize the way we see drones; they could replace or improve on major components in different sectors like cargo and paramedics. All in all, blockchain based SKYF drones might just be the future of the drones rarely foreseen.

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