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Soar & Atmosoar Partner in Drone Weather Forecasting Technology

Atmosoar dashboard showing wind forecast


Soar & Atmosoar Partner in Drone Weather Forecasting Technology


The signing of a new partnership memorandum between Hong Kong and Italy has also brought a new partnership in the local weather forecast companies. The Soar platform, which is based in Italy and known for its hyper-local weather forecasts, has recently partnered with Atmosoar, which is another leader that excels at morphing the hyper-accurate weather forecasts for the world’s best drone operators.

What’s On The Table For Both Platforms

The new partnership means that Soar will take advantage of Atmosoar’s high-resolution weather forecasting and AI-enhanced flight safety dashboards, minimizing downtime and getting the most of the capabilities for the drone-related content. Atmosoar, on the other hand, will benefit from the accurate forecasts of the Soar platform, expand their service channels and potentially grow their user base.

Meanwhile, Soar has been getting popular over the past few months mostly because of its crowd sourcing drone content that is built on the Ethereum blockchain – which lets drone operators monetize content and offer additional drone-related services. With the help of Atmosoar’s services, both of the platforms will collaborate and technically integrate their services.

The Integrated Platform Will Kick-Off In 2019, But The Excitement Is Present

The start of the partnership and development of the cross-services platform is expected in the first quarter of 2019. However, the excitement is present right now for both of the companies. A great proof for this is the statement of the CEO of Soar, Amir Farhand. As he said while commenting the partnership:

“The Soar main net is quickly gaining momentum and now is the ideal time for looking at the future services that will be available over Soar. Our alliance with Atmosoar is only one of the great opportunities where Soar will be working with innovative companies for drone services across the planet. Their solution in fact, should be used by every drone operator.”

The CEO of Atmosoar, Michele Travierso, also shared the excitement and optimistic goals for the future, stating:

“We’re very excited about this new partnership — as more people turn to unmanned platforms for their data needs, we strongly believe that drone operators need all the help they can get to fly safe.

Our company has its roots in gliding — many of us are glider pilots. Our flight safety dashboard takes very high resolution weather data, and checks it against the desired flight plan, suggesting drone pilots when and where to fly, avoiding dangers.”

SOAR (SKYM) ICO Expected To Rise To New Highs As A Result Of The Partnership

The decentralized platform for high-quality drone content, Soar, is active as an ICO with a token sale goal of $20,800,000. Currently, 27% of its reserves are available for token sale and there are 510,000 tokens out there.

Knowing that the news about partnerships and expansions have the potential to go viral in minutes, this new partnership will hopefully help Soar’s ICO attract more investors and become more popular on the market.

Atmosoar, on the other hand, can only enjoy from these benefits and make most of its product offering while growing its user base in the future.

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