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Finally, a ‘Building Block’ LEGO Drone That is Completely Customizable

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Finally, a ‘Building Block’ LEGO Drone That is Completely Customizable

The drone revolution has arrived and in the most user friendly of applications to choose from. Drones are everywhere these days be it an amateurs backyard, or making deliveries or even monitoring security. Today we report this drone which is fully compatible with your favorite toy building blocks and can be customized to match your exact specifications.

Drones rely on STEM skills like aerodynamics, weight load ratios, and lift tolerance to take flight. The Force Flyers DIY Building Block Drone set is a LEGO-compatible gift that turns you (or a lucky friend or kid) into an engineer.

Most users might have not have come across a drone like the Force Flyers DIY Building Block Drone, which lets the user actually build a flying vessel from the ground up. This unique feature makes it ideal for engineering fanatics and first-time pilots and drone enthusiasts alike. This engaging and intrepid drone is available for over 10% off at just $42.99.

This drone is fully compatible with any favorite toy building blocks and can be customized to match its precise specifications. This drone allows users to cultivate a wide variety of STEM skills and concepts while exploring the fundamentals of aerodynamics and weight distribution. The drone is also very easy to assemble means making the design process hassle free.

The Force Flyers drone is also equipped with several user-friendly features that make it ideal for first-time pilots—including 6-axis gyro sensitivity that makes for easy navigation through tight spaces and auto-stabilization technology that ensures smooth flights. The drone body is composed of crash-resistant plastic thus minimizing damage to the craft in case of an incident. The user can also pull off 360-degree stunt flips in midair.

The Force Flyers DIY Building Block Drone is available in four fun varieties: StandardPoliceFirefighter, and Army. Since it’s compatible with all LEGO blocks, users can add Star Wars characters while involving their kids in some fun learning.


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