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DJI Brings UTC Drone Training Centre to Europe



DJI Brings UTC Drone Training Centre to Europe

DJI Brings UTC Drone Training Centre to Europe


Dronemaker DJI has announced that it start rolling out its very successful unmanned aerial systems training centre (UTC) in Europe, starting with the Netherlands.

With interest in flying drones increasing, both as a form of recreation and for use in business and industry, the training centre will address the need for professional training for individual and drone operators, and will offer curriculums in drone photography as well as industrial inspection.

The first of the training centres will be launched at Space53 in Enschede and at DFC in Hoofddorp, to be run by local training partner Drone Flight Academy.

Barbara Stelzner, Director of Corporate Communication at DJI EMEA, says many industries will benefit from the introduction of the UTC Program in Europe.

“DJI wants to help businesses to benefit from drone technology, not just through our hardware and software solutions, but also through education and empowerment,” she said.

The overall goal of the UTC Program is to develop global industry standards for drone operators, so that businesses and industries can benefit from the ability of completing tasks faster, safer and with greater accuracy and efficiency.

The aerial photography offering from the centre will focus not only on operational know-how (for example, knowledge of regulations flight planning and best practice), but also of creative aspects including understanding the camera, aerial photography techniques and post production processes.

Students completing the industrial inspection curriculum will benefit from gaining pertinent technical and operational knowledge and hands-on experience in inspecting industrial sites such as power lines and solar panels.

Participants successfully completing either curriculum will receive a certificate of completion, and thanks to the partnership with the Drone Flight Academy, will also gain their remote aircraft licence in accordance with the local civil aviation authority required by Netherlands regulations for all commercial drone pilots.

For more information visit the UTC website.

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