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Pro Skier Versus Drone – Who Wins?

Skier vs Drone


Pro Skier Versus Drone – Who Wins?

Pro Skier Versus Drone – Who Wins?


In the latest video series by Salomon TV, the channel of the famous brand for skiing, clothing and hiking, we have Victor Miffat-Jeandet, who is a bronze Olympic champion racing against Jordan Temkin, who is also a two-time Drone Racing Champion – battling down a ski race course in Snowbird, Utah to see who wins.

“The man – or the machine?” is the question everyone is asking before seeing the video. While we know that drones are surely faster than skiers, it is the course (in this case the Utah course) which changes the odds and gives advantage to both parties.

Combining Sports and Technology in a Giant Slalom Race

Produced and directed by Mike Douglas, the video of this race shows the concept that Nico Vugnier had – to combine sports and technology in a giant slalom (GS) race to see who is the fastest down the mountain.

Ten seconds into the video, it is easy to see that both the skier and the drone are fast….in fact, incredibly fast. However, the action of this video also accents on the man-versus-machine potential when crashing the battles at Snowbird, Utah.

The video also picks the brains of some Snowbird locals, asking them questions about who they think would win based on their (quite limited) knowledge of both professional ski racing as well as drone racing.

Obviously, it is hard to predict whether Muffat-Jeandet, a ski medalist at the alpine Olympics held in Pyeongchang – or the Jordan “Jet” Temkin, double world champion in drone racing – would be the winner here.

Slushy Spring Conditions and Tricky Outdoor Mountain Environment

On top of all of this, the slushy spring conditions make for poor ski racing and the outdoor mountain environment is what challenges drone racers. To sum things up, the ski race is very interesting and amazing.

However, we won’t spoil the fun for you and let you know who wins. Instead, you can see the video below and have fun watching one of the best skiers and one of the best drone racers having fun.

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