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Micro Drone 4.0 Announced – Priced Under $200


Micro Drone 4.0 Announced – Priced Under $200

Extreme Fliers the creator of the Micro Drone has just announced the launch of Micro Drone 4.0 the next-generation palm-sized drone that is packed with completely new technology and a completely new look. This next-generation palm-sized drone is definitely something to take notice of given that most of this market segment is dominated by DJI. Designers claim that the new Micro Drone 4.0 bridges the gap between entry-level and professional drones by being the first palm sized drone to offer stable HD video.

Amongst its features are-the ability to hover on the spot, has hot-swappable 1200 mAh batteries, and foldable propellers for easy and quick storage. Additionally with a Sony sensor, Micro Drone 4.0’s camera takes in more light and can record full 1080p HD video. The camera also offers a combination of gimbal stabilised footage with 110 degrees of view along with electronic image stabilization to capture smooth images and videos, which can be shared from the Micro Drone App. Not to be missed is the handheld booster controller will also be available which extends the range from 100m to 200m.

Vernon Kerswell, CEO of Extreme Fliers, said: “We’re so excited to finally unveil the Micro Drone 4.0 and show the world the capabilities of this tiny device,” before adding excitedly: “We’re now able to bridge the gap between the budget toy and premium photography drone market with a drone that comes in at less than £150.” The Micro Drone 4.0 is just 4.7” wide and 1.5” tall which is microscopic compared to other drones on the market with similar features.

The Micro Drone 4.0 is available at an Early Bird price of $125 ($199 RRP).

Tech Specifications:

Folded Dimension120mm x 120mm x 40mm
Max Speed30mph
Max Hovering Time13 minutes
Suggested Control Distance100m (App) 200m (Controller)
Battery Type7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po
CameraSony Sensor 1080p Full HD
WiFi StrengthDual Antenna
AutonomyIMU (Gyro/Accelerometer)

Barometric Air Pressure Sensor

Downward facing Optical Flow

Camera with AI (powered by Neurala)

MicroprocessorQualcomm-based chipset
AI EngineNeurala
Range:150ft (Smartphone) 500ft (2.4Ghz radio)


Other specifications of the MicroDrone 4.0 include:

  • 6 Axis MEMS Gyroscope (using absolute angle measurement)
  • Contra-rotational Motors – Fly Micro Drone 3.0 Upside Down
  • App: iOS and Android
  • Dual Control: Smartphone WiFi Tether and RF
  • IEEE 802.11 WiFi Protocol
  • CPU: ARM Cortex Processor
  • Development Platform: Eclipse IDE

Its small size is ideal for users who would like to capture some quick aerials that will save them from capturing hundreds (or thousands) for the experience. Besides, the Micro Drone 4.0 could be users’ go-to drone for a quick capture without other challenges like stringent rules regarding drone registration and licensing.

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