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Indra and AirMap Collaborate to Strengthen Position in the UTM Market


Indra and AirMap Collaborate to Strengthen Position in the UTM Market


Indra and AirMap have signed a collaboration agreement to join forces and speed up the introduction of the unmanned traffic management (UTM) technologies necessary to allow the definitive emergence of drones so they can provide all types of services to citizens, companies and local governments.

The high complementarity of Indra and AirMap UTM solutions makes it possible to shorten the time for air navigation service providers, authorities, regulators, drone manufacturers and operators to have the state-of-the-art infrastructure necessary to fly drones safely in populated areas.

AirMap brings to this alliance its high specialisation and international experience as the leading startup in the development of UTM platforms managing drone traffic at low-altitude (below 150 metres).

In turn, Indra brings its state-of-the-art UTM solutions, its anti-drone protection system and a long and solid experience as a leading company in air traffic management systems worldwide, with equipment operating in 160 countries.

Indra also brings its powerful global commercial and business capability with the main players in the aeronautical community while AirMap adds up a solid position in the US market, one of the most dynamic in this field and with a strong commitment to the introduction of UAVs.

Drones will provide logistics services, maintenance of all types of infrastructures, environmental protection, surveillance and urban mobility, to name just a few of the immediate applications.

For countries to take advantage of the economic and growth potential that this new sector will bring, it is necessary to deploy highly digitised and automated infrastructures. Only then will operators gain the agility and flexibility necessary to use their devices when they need it, in a completely safe, controlled fashion.

Both companies develop their technologies under an open architecture that will make the integration of third-party systems and applications easier and will provide the scalability necessary to adapt to the needs of each client, whether it is a town council or the authority responsible for managing the traffic of an entire country.

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