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MetaFly – A New Biomimetic Drone


MetaFly – A New Biomimetic Drone


While drone enthusiasts will vouch for the high they get while flying their machines in the sky, a biomimetic device, that is bird mimicking drone, is taking drone flying to the next level according to experts.

The MetaFly, a breathtakingly unique, remote controlled biomimetic creature like nothing before! Metafly has wings that enable it to fly just like birds so it can maneuver just like wind animals; so technically it is not a drone it’s an ornithone that flies using a method called¬†biomimicry, denoting synthetic methods that mimic natural processes.

Its features include:

  • Impressive gliding ability due to a wide wingspan and very low weight is to Wing Area ratio 4.2 grams per dm square
  • Wings made of carbon fibre + liquid crystal polymer + 0PP
  • Wireless Range of 100 meters and is 320 feet crash proof; speeds up to 18 kmh or 11 mph.
  • Flight time 12 minutes charge time patented wing control that precise in smooth
  • Ability to make smooth quick turns due to an adjustable tail and tail angle that allows toggling between faster and slower flight and turns by shifting the tails angle
  • 2 channel RC means maximum control for the range and no interference so it flies accurately indoors making sharp turns around furniture both fast and slow
  • Its remote runs on 4A batteries. It can be controlled to glide left and right, thus making it appropriate for flying in small spaces like an office space or a small house.
  • Users Can Fly Butterfly towards dense trees and manoeuvre between their branches too.
  • No worries about crashing because Metafly has elastic wing- it consists of an elastic crash proof design that has been designed to withstand impact in addition to both front and back bumpers to protect its own body.

The Metafly is touted as a result of more than 40 years of research and development by Edwin Van Ruymbeke an aeronautical engineer who got into the field inspired by the creation of his grandfather Edwin and father Edward-who jointly created the first mechanical bird way back in 1969. Much later successfully crowd funded and delivered Bionic Bird now he is driving deeper into biomimetics flight abilities even further.

So if you want to enjoy the experience of flying just like animals in nature get the Metafly and get ready to immerse yourself in an experience like none other. For drone technology enthusiasts the Metafly is undisputedly a unique and thoroughly intriguing airborne device that is ready to take on the challenges hurled at it!

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