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Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox from Valqari


Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox from Valqari


Valqari is the only drone delivery solution that has solved the ‘last inch’ logistic problems with its patented Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox that provides a secure and convenient delivery receptacle for both drone and traditional deliveries.

Walsh and partner Alexander Falesch co-invented the Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox, a receptacle that replaces the traditional mailbox to allow drones to land for package delivery and pickup. The two men in 2017 co-founded Valqari, a start-up focused on ensuring packages that arrive at a destination safely remain secured and out of the elements until the recipient retrieve them from the box.

Through vigorous research and testing, they created a secure and practical answer for the final few inches of delivery since no other drone delivery application was addressing the need. In 2017, their vision became a reality with the Smart Drone Mailbox concept and Valqari was officially founded.

Valqari’s smart technology allows the mailbox to communicate with the drone to help guide it onto the landing pad. Walsh said when a drone leaves a warehouse; it would use GPS to locate the shipping address. Once the drone is within 100 feet of the Valqari box, the mailbox would begin signalling the drone. After landing, the box would open when authentication numbers are verified the mailbox would send notification to the shipping company and the recipient that the package was delivered.

Without a secure box, packages must be left in open spaces like the yard where passersby might be tempted to grab and go or it could get wet from rain or snow, he said.

“The Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox would completely eliminate porch pirates and weather damage,” Walsh said.

Walsh sees his product replacing traditional mailboxes because the new smart box can also accept U.S. Postal Service mail and deliveries via traditional vehicle.

At homes like those in older sections of Naperville, where mail is delivered at the front door, or at apartment buildings, Walsh said a Valqari box could be placed on a window or accessible space on the roof, away from hazards, children and pets.

Anticipating drones delivering meals, groceries and medications, Walsh is already developing boxes that can keep meals warm or refrigerated medicines and groceries cool.  Seafood restaurants can get fresh catch delivered, and auto shops needing specialized parts won’t need to waste time sending porters out to pick up parts Walsh added.

Walsh’s plan to roll out his Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox is dependent on when drone delivery companies get approval from the Federal Aviation Administration and when 5G technology — the network by which drones and mailboxes communicate — becomes readily available everywhere.

It is most likely that commercial drone deliveries become inevitable, as early as 2020 and businesses equipped with Valqari’s complete solution will pave the way for the eventual progression into residential deliveries in urban, suburban and rural areas.

Walsh said, to date, Valqari is the only drone delivery solution to be issued utility patents in 13 countries and territories, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, South Africa and other countries in the European Union.

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