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FlytGCS New Features – Drone Video and Telemetry Sharing


FlytGCS New Features – Drone Video and Telemetry Sharing


Drone service providers and enterprise drone program managers can now securely share remote drone operations data, while restricting drone control to only a selected set of stakeholders. This is made possible by the latest enhancement to FlytGCS, a SaaS offering designed to automate, simplify and rapidly scale drone missions.

Drone operations managers increasingly monitor their drone operations remotely from a centralized control room – while pilots and visual observers deploy and oversee drone fleets on-site. Such missions also involve subject-matter experts, senior management, technology or domain consultants, regulatory authorities, solution partners and other third parties.

Providing the right level of live, remote access to various participants is key to maximizing the productivity, cost-effectiveness, and utilization of drone fleets, while ensuring that mission control remains secure and restricted to only a few, authorized users. This is now possible via guest link sharing in FlytGCS, whose users can quickly and seamlessly share the live map view as well as HD video feeds of their drone missions with decision makers across the world.

Third-party access is the latest addition to FlytGCS’ capabilities which include connectivity and control over 4G/LTE/5G, live HD video feeds, fleet management, unlimited missions and unlimited drone registrations, remote gimbal control, pre-flight checklist and geofence, mission planner, cockpit views, and more.

Live map & video sharing can enable security directors to better manage intrusion incidents, public safety chiefs to better direct emergency response, maintenance managers to better direct asset monitoring missions, utility infrastructure inspectors to better analyze power lines and wind turbines, project managers and investors to better monitor construction projects, and insurance appraisers to better assess disaster-related damages.

Nitin Gupta, FlytBase CEO, commented, “With this enhancement, the live remote drone operations capability of FlytGCS is now extended to our customers’ customers. Access to telemetry and video data can be customized via FlytGCS, so as to strike the right balance between broad stakeholder participation on one hand, and privacy and security on the other hand. Our goal at FlytBase remains to empower our users to automate and scale professional drone operations, and use drone data to make timely, better informed decisions.”

FlytBase is an enterprise drone automation company with technology that automates and scales drone applications. The software enables easy deployment of intelligent drone fleets, seamlessly integrated with cloud-based business applications. FlytBase technology is compatible with all major drone and hardware platforms. With IoT architecture, enterprise-grade security and reliability, the platform suits a variety of commercial drone use-cases, powered by Autonomy.

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