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New 4K Zoom Underwater Drone from Youcan Robot


New 4K Zoom Underwater Drone from Youcan Robot

New 4K Zoom Underwater Drone from Youcan Robot


Having successfully crowdfunded its BW Space underwater drone last year, the Chinese start-up Youcan Robot is now back, with the upgraded BW Space Pro model. Among other things, it features a 6X optical zoom lens.

Similar to the original version original BW Space, the Pro is capable of descending to a maximum depth of 100 meters (330 ft), relaying video and receiving commands via a tether that runs up to a Wi-Fi repeater on the surface. The user can be located anywhere within 500 m (1,640 ft) of that repeater, utilizing a dual-joystick LED-screen-equipped remote to control the drone. They can also do so simply utilizing an iOS/Android app on their Smartphone or tablet.

A demonstration of the Youcan BW space pro is available on Youtube. The video footage shows how the BW Space Pro 4K zoom is all about dynamic perspective and with R1 and 1.8 inch sensor and and 6 X zoom lens it offers greater safety effectiveness and more creative opportunities.

Equipped with Youcan robots image stabilization technology the photos it clicks remain smooth and stable no matter what the situation. If a user wants to punch it in for a tighter shot quickly even from 50 metres away not a problem for the BW Space Pro.

The footage shows how this BW Space Pro surprisingly powerful for a small size constantly adjusts to users commands while maintaining stability in the water and eliminating variables so that users can focus on their frame and also carry it along wherever they go. Youcan says in the video that they tweaked the original streamline design carefully to further improve portability to help extend the users creative potential with up to 5 hours of dive time and max speed of 1 and 1.8metres per second.

The Pro is also more compact than the original and at the same time is equipped with features like:

  • an additional vertical thruster which allows it to remain horizontally level while ascending or descending straight up or down, and to travel forward while maintaining a nose angle of plus or minus 45 degrees – the latter ability could be useful for filming moving subjects that are travelling above or below the drone.
  • One charge of the Pro’s 9,600-mAh lithium battery is reportedly good for an average of four hours of use.
  • Its 4K/30fps stabilized camera now has a 6X optical zoom and is remotely activated by the user. The drone’s dual spotlights, however, do automatically adjust their output according to ambient underwater lighting conditions.

The Zoom version of the BW Space Pro (there are two cheaper, less capable Pro models) is available now for pre-order and is priced at US$1,699. Once it starts being shipped around October 25th, its price will rise to US$1,999.

Looks like with the BW space pro underwater video capturing with drones is going to be a more interesting proposition than before for drone enthusiasts.

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