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Aloha from Above by Aerial Photographer Kelly Headrick, Hawaii

Dolphins by Kelly Headrick


Aloha from Above by Aerial Photographer Kelly Headrick, Hawaii

Aloha from Above by Aerial Photographer Kelly Headrick, Hawaii


Kelly Headrick is a Hawaiian photographer based on the north shore of Oahu. What she does she does well – and it is clear that photographing the ocean from all angles is high on her to do list. Flying a DJI Phantom 4, her reef and marine aerial gallery presents Hawaii in a clear blue, sparkling light – including spectacular reef captures and smashing shots of humpback whales and pods of dolphins.

Humpback Whales

Aerial view of two Humpback Whales by Kelly Headrick on

Above the Reef

Above the reef by Kelly Headrick on

Blue Water

Blue Water by Kelly Headrick on

Clear Water

Clear water by Kelly Headrick on


Boating by Kelly Headrick on

Exploring the Reef

Exploring the Reef by Kelly Headrick on

The Paddle Surfer

The Paddle Surfer by Kelly Headrick on

Reef Break

Reef Break by Kelly Headrick on

Aerial Surf

Aerial surf by Kelly Headrick on

World Ocean Day

World Ocean day by Kelly Headrick on

Ocean and Beach

Aerial view of the Ocean and beach by Kelly Headrick on

Group of Surfers

Aerial view of a group of surfers, Waikiki Oahu by Kelly Headrick on

Waikiki at Sunset

Aerial view of Waikiki and the Ocean in Hawaii by Kelly Headrick on

Dolphin Pod

Dolphin Pod by Kelly Headrick on

Licence Kelly’s images at 500px or visit her website to see her portfolio.

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