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First Winter Snow Captured in FPV Freestyle 4K Drone Video

First Snow FPV Freestyle Video


First Winter Snow Captured in FPV Freestyle 4K Drone Video


It’s cold outside, and there’s fresh snow on the mountains in the distance, so you’re going to stay indoors all warm and cosy, right? Wrong! If you’re into the outdoors and own a drone like Drone X Labs pilot and videomaker Ironic Gti, the first thing you’re going to do is get outside and capture that powder with some swift FPV freestyle manouevers.

FPV Freestyling evolved out of drone racing, which has seen a surge in popularity in the past few years. While formal drone racing follows an obstacle course and requires the drone pilot to navigate corners and objects in the fastest time possible, FPV freestyling incorporates tricks such as rolls, loops and flips. Take FPV freestyle outside, add a touch of winter and some chilled beats and what do you get? FPV brain freeze. View it!


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