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Mini Drones Star in New Mitsubishi Advert

drone swarm above a car


Mini Drones Star in New Mitsubishi Advert

Mini Drones Star in New Mitsubishi Advert


Drones are beginning to make an appearance in all areas of life, and not just the commercial fields one might expect, such as real estate or roof inspection.

This time, drones are actually appearing in a commercial.

To be exact, in a commercial by Japanese car major Mitsubishi, showcasing their new safety technology available in all new Mitsubishi SUVs.

In the commercial, a small fleet of swarming drones fly above and ahead of the Mitsubishi SUV, forming the shapes of eyes and hands that represent the automaker’s MiTEC technology (Mitsubishi Motors Intuitive Technology), which is produced by Airbag.

The drones swarm in front of the car in the form of two glowing blue eyes, then in the form of green pointing hands to indicate a chosen route and lane changing.

The form of a red hand then forms, showing the car braking for a pedestrian.

red drone swarm stopping car

Source: Youtube/Mitsubishi

The creative team, Australia’s Sydney-based ad agency Richard Rose, decided to use the mini drones because of their ability to be programmed into flying shapes, conveying intangible – but important – ideas difficult to express such as safety.

“Many people are surprised to discover how many features come standard in a Mitsubishi. However explaining technology or safety systems can often come across as cold or complex. But by using the drone swarms as a visual metaphor, it’s allowed the technology to come to life with a meaningful and beautiful simplicity,” explained Richard Rose founding partner and ECD Adam Rose to Adnews.

For Mitsubishi, the use of drones in the commercial highlight the Japanese carmaker’s commitment to innovation.

“Innovation has become a part of our everyday drive, and today’s generation of drivers are demanding it,” Mitsubishi head of marketing communications Darrell Jacobs said.

The advertisement also showcases the potential of drone light shows as a form of communication, not merely as a form of entertainment.

Prior to this we have largely seen drone light show technology used as a form of entertainment, such as by computing giant Intel at the Pyeongyang Winter Olympics 2018, and more recently at Intel’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

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