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The New York Drone Film Festival is This Weekend and Here’s Our Favourite

Flutter by Chris Castor


The New York Drone Film Festival is This Weekend and Here’s Our Favourite


The New York City Drone Film Festival (NYCDFF), the first of its kind to celebrate the art of drone cinematography is on this weekend. Now in its fourth year, drone filmmakers and afficianados from every corner of the globe will come together and view 2018’s selections. Categories for this years’ festival include Narrative, Landscape and Architecture, Extreme Sports, Showreel, Dronie, Stills, X-Factor, Freestyle and News. The contending line-up is impressive, including award-winning droneographer Tarsicio Sanudo of Mexico, who we featured last week.

While it’s difficult to cover all of the nominees, we absolutely had to share with you with work of Chris Castor, who last year won the Los Angeles Drone Film Festival in the category of Best Narrative AND was nominated for Airvuz Best Drone Video with his drone short film, Cardboard Cadet. It’s now been nominated again under the category of Narrative for the NYCDFF.

As Chris describes on his Youtube account, “Remember what it was like to be a kid? Imagining you were on some grand adventure? Building things out of cardboard boxes? Join the Cardboard Cadet as he flies his biplane in a perilous and exciting adventure around his small town. Will he be home in time for dinner?”

This year, he has been selected to show films not just in the Narrative category, but also in Dronie and X-Factor. His Dronie creation, while not explicit, is a bit graphic so may fall under NSFW status. You can watch that one here. Our fave however, selected for the X-Factor category – and it’s definitely safe for work – is Flutter, a whimsical sequence with a subtle message about all the complexities of nature and what she has to show us. Enjoy.

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