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Spanish Drone Company Ranks First in Precision Agriculture

Source: Hemav


Spanish Drone Company Ranks First in Precision Agriculture

Source: Hemav

Spanish Drone Company Ranks First in Precision Agriculture


The Spanish drone-as-a-service company Hemav Technology has been ranked first in agriculture and fourth overall in the new ranking published by Drone Industry Insights of the Top20 drone service companies worldwide. This ranking is based on an analysis of more than 200 global suppliers.

The company Drone Industry Insights, dedicated to offer market intelligence for the commercial drone industry through reports, publications and infographics that help the different professionals of the sector to know market trends and their competitors in depth, has published in its portal the ranking of the 20 most important drone operators in the world in 2018.

In addition to reports and studies, Drone Industry Insights periodically publishes worldwide classifications related to the drone world: drone and software manufacturers, companies that have received more funding, major start-ups, and so on.

Source: Hemav

Source: Hemav

Hemav placed first in the category of precision agriculture, having successfully achieved two rounds of investment for a total of €3.4 million in crowdfunding, which at the time (2012) broke historical records in Spain.

They have also recently announced their expansion into Brazil and Mexico to offer their services which involve comprehensive digital diagnostics on fields and crops, collected by drones and their proprietary software.

They will follow their already successful model of signing representation agreements, which they have already done successfully in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia.

Overall, Hemav has been classified in fourth position behind the American companies Zipline and Measure, and the British Cyberhawk, which have been placed in first, second and third position respectively.

Source: Drone Industry Insights

Source: Drone Industry Insights

After a few years of growth and consolidation of companies providing services with drones for sectors such as agriculture, construction, mining or energy, Drone Industry Insights considered that it was the right time to classify them and highlight the most important, publishing the Top20 Drone Operator Ranking 2018.

To this end, more than 200 companies were analyzed, taking into account indicators such as the size of the company, its number of followers, the funding received, the number of collaboration agreements signed and the activity of its website.

Source: Hemav

Source: Hemav

Zipline is a manufacturer of drones and offers services to deliver medicines and other medical products to remote clinics. Measure offers drone applications in the sectors of telecommunications, construction, energy and audiovisual media. Cyberhawk, on the other hand, focuses its services on inspections of oil and gas installations, renewable energy and railways.

Taking into account that within the Top50 there are 40% of North American companies and a predominance of Anglo-Saxon companies, the fourth position of Hemav worldwide and first position in continental Europe is an important milestone for the Spanish firm.

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