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Workhorse US Patent Granted for Horsefly Drone Delivery System

Horsefly Delivery Drone

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Workhorse US Patent Granted for Horsefly Drone Delivery System

Workhorse US Patent Granted for Horsefly Drone Delivery System


Workhorse Group, creators of the HorseFly UAV delivery system has announced they have had their patent granted for a system which allow their delivery drones to launch from the back of trucks.

The American technology company, which specialises in sustainable and profitable solutions for the ‘last-mile’ transport sector, calls their system the ‘HorseFly Truck Launched Drone Package Delivery System’.

The HorseFly delivery drone, a high-performance octocopter built from strong but lightweight carbon fiber, fully integrates with the company’s custom designed range of electric / hybrid delivery vans.

Steve Burns, Workhorse CEO, says the Horsefly system will significantly change the way commercial deliveries are done. “We feel that the patented HorseFly truck launched drone package delivery system is the first major change to the last mile delivery process since the invention of the package delivery truck. Drivers appreciate the fact that the HorseFly system is fast, reliable, and efficient,” he said.

“Last mile package delivery is changing, and the HorseFly delivery system is leading the way.” Click To Tweet

The system, which includes object avoidance capabilities, automatic braking and lane centering warning, has passed compliance requirements in line with FAA guidelines for drone operation in the United States. The whole operation has been developed to maintain line of sight operation, ensuring safe operation and completion of each and every drone-assisted delivery.

The primary outcome of the HorseFly Drone delivery system for delivery firms is the reduction of travel time, and time from door-to-door of the package, but with decreased emissions through use of electric/hybrid vans, there are likely to also be additional benefits for air quality and the environment – and this is supported by recent research regarding drone deliveries and climate change.

The Workhorse fleet will be deployed in collaboration with Ryder System, who will exclusively provide maintenance the entire electric vehicle fleet in North America.

Built to be the safest, most efficient last-mile delivery and work truck system available, the company says the all-wheel drive vehicle has a superior turning radius for a light class vehicle, and it’s proporitary Metron telematics system optimises performance and efficiency by tracking all parameters in real time.

“Rolling out this history making fleet of N-Gen vans in one of the most innovative cities in America is something myself and the entire team are extremely proud of,” said Duane Hughes, Workhorse President and COO. “This deployment is the first step towards transitioning the largest growing segment in the truck business into a zero-emission stronghold.”


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