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Exyn Technologies, Velodyne Bring to Life AI + LiDAR Autonomous Flying Robot

Source: Exyn


Exyn Technologies, Velodyne Bring to Life AI + LiDAR Autonomous Flying Robot

Source: Exyn

Exyn Technologies, Velodyne Bring to Life AI + LiDAR Autonomous Flying Robot


Exyn Technologies has developed advanced research originating from the esteemed GRASP Labs at the University of Pennsylvania, which it intends to take to market in order to further develop proprietary artificial intelligence software, EXynAI.

Exyn Technologies is a provider of leading AI software and A3R hardware, which the company has combined to create a fully automated flying robot which can perform complex missions safely in high-end business operations.

The LiDAR VLP-16 Puck LITE sensors developed by Velodyne LiDAR are integrated into the advanced Autonomous Aerial Robots (A3R) developed by Exyn Technologies. Using these sensors, the A3R autonomous robots will be used to scan and map inventory in large warehouses and distribution centres, increasing efficiency of operations and safety for workers.

Nader Elm, chief executive officer of Exyn Technologies said that by using Velodyne’s VLP-16 LiDAR sensors, the need for GPS, beacons or markers is no longer a consideration.

“This technology is being developed to ease logistical bottlenecks in warehouses, as well as to go into other indoor and GPS-limited environments such as commercial construction sites and first-responder situations. We operate in a full 3D volumetric space and can dynamically plan flight paths in complex, dynamic and cluttered environments,” he said.

As the main sensor for simultaneous location and mapping, and an integral part of the detection and avoidance capabilities and state estimation, the Velodyne VLP-16 will enable the UAV robot to scan barcodes and RFID beacons in all fields of vision, evaluating the location and number of actions. The vehicle can also locate workers, responding accordingly from moment to moment.

Frank Bertini, UAV and Robotics business manager at Velodyne LiDAR said they are very excited to partner with Exyn Technologies.

“It proves the business case for 3D LiDAR beyond just autonomous cars. The demand for real-time inventory management within warehouses and fulfilment centers has created a need for autonomous platforms which are both efficient and safe.”

Powered by the exynAI autonomy core, the A3R intelligently combines multiple sensor modes, including LiDAR, IMU and cameras. This allows the system to provide robust detection and navigation capabilities.

“Nobody is so focused on a robust, infrastructural and autonomous space flight as Exyn,” the company said in a press release.

Recently, on invitation to the Smithsonian Ingenuity Festival at Milestones of Flight Hall, Exyn was honoured to be able to demonstrate for the first time an unmanned aerial vehicle at the event.

Velodyne LiDAR will be presenting their technology at the AUVSI Xponential conference next week in Denver.

Exyn Technology also plans to expand its autonomous capabilities to unmanned ground systems (UGS).

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