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Here Come The Drones: Celebrating International Drone Day 2018

International Drone Day


Here Come The Drones: Celebrating International Drone Day 2018

That Drone Show/Youtube

Here Come The Drones: Celebrating International Drone Day 2018


It’s been three years since the drone world last celebrated International Drone Day, and it’s high time (see what we did there!) that drones had their day again.

Following up on the success of the inaugural International Drone Day in 2015, the team at That Drone Show have organised a day full of drone-related fun to be held on Saturday May 05, 2018 at Wingfoot Lake State Park in Ohio, USA.

The event is not limited to one location, however. The 2015 show saw a massive participation from 150 countries around the world by 40,000 people. Created by drone marketing experts Sarah and David Oneal, the show seeks to counter the sometimes negative image that drones and their pilots find themselves subjected to. As hosts of That Drone Show, Sarah and David are also known in the drone industry for the documentary “The Drone Invasion”, in which David takes a look at the potential and perceived possibilities – both positive and negative – of drones today.

Taking the mantra of “Drones are Good!”, International Drone Day invites members of the drone community to band together in teams on a global scale to help educate the general public about the many ways drones are being used for the benefit of humankind and the planet.

Drones continue to be an often controversial topic, and so International Drone Day 2018 is set to be even larger than last year. Hundreds of teams throughout the world will hold events to educate those outside of the drone community about the many positive ways in which drones are used to better society.

Held in partnership with the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics ), event activities worldwide will vary from team to team, and include many of the activities most people are familiar wioth relating to the drone world such as drone racing, aerial photography and videography instruction, and search and rescue demonstrations.

While popular civilian drone use is cemented among us in many forms, including aerial video and photography sites such as Airvuz and Skypixel, or high adrenaline events such as the Drone Racing League, many may not be aware of the many philanthropic and humanitarian arenas in which drones are shining.

Only yesterday we wrote about the five winners awarded the inaugural XCELLENCE Humanitarian Award at the AUVSI Xponential 2018 conference. The five winners recognised for their participation in critical, life-saving missions included Aeryon Labs Inc. of Canada, DroneSAR of Ireland, Nepal Flying Lab or Nepal, ONG DroneSAR Chile and Zipline in Rwanda.

Now, That Drone Show invite the drone lovers and the ‘drone-curious’ alike to take part in International Drone Day all across the globe.

“International Drone Day is hosted by the drone community for the public. It’s an opportunity for people that have heard of drones to find out more about them. As a result of International Drone Day 2015, vast numbers of people now understand that drones are used in good ways – from being used to save lives in search and rescue, to providing more efficient ways to monitor crops, to producing beautiful photographs. International Drone Day also highlights the much needed economic boost provided by drones, and shows that drones are fun!”

– Sarah and David Oneal

Anyone interested can check if there is a team near you by visiting the International Drone Day website, or start a team by emailing Sarah and David at [email protected].

International Drone Day is supported by the Academy of Model AeronauticsAirVuz, MultiGP, and Interdrone, and event organisers welcome both the public and media, with photographs, filming and interviews welcome.

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