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Astro Aerospace Acquires Autonomous Flying Car Maker Passengerdrone


Astro Aerospace Acquires Autonomous Flying Car Maker Passengerdrone

Astro Aerospace Acquires Autonomous Flying Car Maker Passengerdrone


Entries into the electric vertical take off (eVTOL) passenger drone market are taking off, and with the increasing interest in this futuristic, sustainable form of transport, partnerships and acquisitions are flavour of the day.

The latest acquisition to hit the desk of DroneBelow is that by newcomer Astro Aerospace, of eVTOL designer and manufacturer Passengerdrone.

We covered Passengerdrone last year when they first announced the launch of their rather sleek autonomous flying vehicle. With a commitment to make self-flying passenger drones available to everyone, initial flight tests were conducted in early May 2017 with different simulated payload weights, simulated engine failures and different control modes.

With an easy to use touch-screen by which passengers select their destination and then choose manual or autonomous flight mode, the Passengerdrone undertook manned flights in the following August, with positive feedback from test passengers.

And it’s no wonder. The state-of-the-art eVTOL aircraft features a lightweight and strong carbon fiber composite body, and with 16 quiet, stable electric engines makes for a smooth, relaxing ride, while the full width cabin window gives the passenger a stunning 360° view of their surroundings – move over George Jetson.

The incredibly eco-friendly vehicle also uses fibre-optic technology to reduce the aircraft weight as well as magnetic interference.

As if this isn’t enough to whet your whistle, Astro Aerospace are also welcoming on board leading drone expert, Paul Beard, CEO of drone communications and navigation systems company uAvionix. Beard brings over 30 years expertise to the team and looks forward to helping to guide the future of Astro Aerospace.

“Working alongside Astro’s development team, we will elevate the company to a new level that will offer investors and buyers a safe, durable, autonomous, and exciting piece of technology that leads us into the future,” he said.

Passengerdrone certainly has the potential to lead this growing market. Designed with reliability, and security in mind, the drone has built-in redundancy with the 16 individual rotors powered separately to ensure stability and safety.

“We’re excited to take Astro’s technology to the next level as a public company, giving the opportunity to everyone who has dreamed of flying the ability to experience the thrill in a safe and controlled environment with the Astro Passenger Drone,” says CEO of Astro, Bruce Bent.

Personal autonomous VTOL aircrafts have the potential to disrupt the transport industry, and with the ever-increasing issues of congestion in our cities, Astro Aerospace hope to fill a much needed space in the daily personal transport market.

“Air travel has historically been seen as an expensive proposition, due in great part to the small volume of production seen in today’s aerospace industry,” the company says. But as with all technologies, perhaps one day soon we will see Passengerdrone as an affordable, clean transport option accessible by all.

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