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Autel Robotics Have Finally Announced Release Date for New Evo Foldable Drone

Source: EVO/Youtube

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Autel Robotics Have Finally Announced Release Date for New Evo Foldable Drone

Source: Autel

Autel Robotics Have Finally Announced Release Date for New Evo Foldable Drone

It’s been a long time coming but finally, but USA drone maker Autel Robotics have announced a date for the release of their answer to the popular consumer drone DJI Mavic Pro – and it’s in less than two weeks.

The EVO, as it is known, was first introduced earlier this year at CES2018, where it was met with much anticipation.

“We’ve been both humbled and honored by the overwhelmingly positive response to our announcement of the EVO,” the company said in a statement earlier this year.

Its sleek, foldable design certainly fits with the aesthetic of the easy-to-transport, lightweight consumer drone market, as do the specs.

Kitted out with a 4K HD video camera able to take 12 megapixel photos, and features like autonomous flight modes, a 3-axis stabilized gimbal, GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning and obstacle avoidance technology, the EVO certainly seems a real contender from the start for the Mavic Pro.

With Autel Robotics saying that the EVO will have a 30 minute flight time, and a transmission range of 7km, its on par with the Mavic Pro on those counts.

Where it does beat the Mavic Pro is on frame speed – Autel Robotics have officially now confirmed a 120fps rate at 1080p compared to the Mavic Pro’s 96fps, and the 4K 60fps also beats the Pro’s 30fps at the same resolution.

So when will the Autel Robotics EVO be available?

Autel Robotics have up until now been kept tight-lipped about the launch date of the Evo, with the only statement since January being that “EVO’s release date is very soon”.

At CES2017, Autel Robotics shared hopes for a release of an X-Star with thermal and 1″ sensors. For a variety of reasons this did not come to fruition, to the disappointment of fans.

In a statement, Autel Robotics said, “We realize that a big part of meeting our delivery goals for our customers is refining our messaging to ensure that we can always do what we say we will do.”

While there were several possible models available to inspect at CES2018, it appears the drone maker is only releasing one option of the EVO – perhaps not wanting to once more overextend expectations.

So, there is nothing more to do for now, except to stand by until the release date which is Monday, June 25 2018 – and as Autel say, “Join the Evolution of Flight“.


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